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I found that in 2012, there were A LOT of Anime that you either liked or disliked. Another was an Anime that I thought followed that trend. To this day, I still ask myself whether I liked or disliked this Anime, and I have yet to really 100% decide. But nevertheless, me being me, it is now time to get on with another Anime review.

Story 7/10:
The Story of Another is pretty simple enough; A class has a curse and the characters spend the series trying to find ways to break it. What I thought the series done really well was to slowly provide small amounts of information on the curse as possible, building tension and leaving the viewers continually invested in the world that these characters were in. The atmosphere of the series was also a high point, showcasing sceneries that were downright creepy (I’m looking at you doll house/museum!) and enough suspense that demands you to marathon the entire series!

What lacks in Another, however, is the pacing and organization this series had. For the first two episodes, we see a SLOW development in the plot. It’s at the end of episode three where things start to pick up. Even still, however, I found the series constantly slowing down for more dialogue-heavy moments. I found this rather frustrating especially if it came after a drastic death scene.

Art 8/10:
The art of Another is a strong point of the series. Even though the animation can be considered standard fare of today’s current gen anime, what differs the series is the detail put in each animation. what really stuck out to me was how well the dolls were drawn (Even if I despise them!) as well as how visually detailed and gruesome the death scenes looked. some deaths are certainly cringe-worthy, especially to the lighthearted!

Sound 7/10:
The Sound of Another is at times eerie, yet only adds to the mystery surrounding this whole entire series. I enjoyed the upbeat opening theme, which suits the tone of the gruesome and fast-paced final third of the series. Another piece that stuck out was the piece titled, “The Mystery Of Yomi Yama” that played frequently throughout the series in different renditions.

Characters 6/10:
The Characters in Another are sadly the weakest part of this blood fest. Aside from lead female Misaki Mei, I found myself uninterested and not invested with the characters. This is also due to lack of Character development. We don’t get to know much of anyone and therefore, it’s hard to feel any sympathy when a character would die. Because of this, once I got to the ending, I was shocked, but not as surprised as I could have been, due to lack of interest in the characters. In turn, the characters are simply there to advance the plot or showcase the most intense ways of dying.

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  1. I really enjoy Another. The end kind of goes a little over the top, but the atmosphere built up throughout the series is very well done and I quite like it.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

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