Ga-Rei: Zero | Worth Watching?

Now I know that a lot of you will not know this Anime, and I don’t blame you, this Anime came out in 2008. It is also, I think, the oldest Anime I’ve reviewed to date. Given the quality of Anime today, in terms of Animation and story, you’ll have to approach Ga-Rei with low expectations.

Keep in mind, we’re dealing with an Anime that came out 2008, not 2018 #10YearOldAnime.

Story: 7/10
The storytelling for Ga-Rei was nothing short of amazing. The first two episodes occur chronologically towards the end of the series but set up a conflict during which the rest of the series tries to explain how events lead up to such a conflict. This leaves the viewer constantly guessing throughout the series, giving enjoyment through suspense. At the same time, the viewer is greeted with several humorous scenes through the show that helps lighten the mood and make you enjoy the characters.


Art: 7/10
The animation for Ga-Rei isn’t extraordinary or anything. It gets the job done. The supernatural enemies look disgusting and allow you to develop a hatred for them. The characters are drawn in a way that you develop an interest in them. The action looks fluid and is pleasing to watch.


Sound: 7/10
What really stood out to me in Ga-Rei was the sound. The background music really fit the mood well and after every episode, it left me questioning when the OST would come out. Furthermore, the Ga-Rei anime comes out with an amazing image and insert song CD, many of the songs which are used in fitting moments throughout Ga-Rei. Both the OP and ED fit the anime as well.


Character: 8/10
Ga-Rei really focuses on developing the two main characters, Kagura and Yomi. While I feel that the other characters weren’t developed as much as I would have liked, the story is really focused on Kagura and Yomi and only their development is crucial to the story. The way Kagura and Yomi interact together and towards other characters seems appropriate for their age and their past experiences and because of their interaction with each other, they change and part of the story is watching their growth.

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