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Mirai Nikki | Anime before its time?

Mirai Nikki, otherwise known as Future Diary. This is one Anime where I’ve seen the manga, and have read every single chapter of this long series. So I knew beforehand what to expect and what I should keep my eye out for.

As Mirai Nikki was an idea being made back in 2006, I can definitely say that what this story was based on and the various ideas that were in the manga at the time. Showed that Mirai Nikki in its manga form was well before its time.

Story 10/10:
It is interesting how the director and character designer of Shuffle! was able to string Esuno Sakae’s manga into an exceptional storyline. The story itself may sound a bit odd at first (diaries that predict one’s future events), but its compelling components such as the prize, becoming a god to replace Deus Ex Machina, the absolute god of time, definitely justify the method of portraying the story in an uncommon manner.

With diary holders trying to kill each other in greed for power, the content of Mirai Nikki is dark; much blood and gore is spilled in the survival game. To a person who enjoys “kill or be killed” style plots or psychological thrillers, such as myself, Mirai Nikki would be very appealing because of the intense survival game and a dramatic focus on the character’s mental state rather than the physical world.

Art 8/10:
Nothing much needs to be said about the artwork. Although the artwork and animation were good, without anything to complain about, it was not as extravagant as Guilty Crown and not as creative as Bakemonogatari. The animation is violent with much blood and gore spilled; it generally carries a Gothic ambiance of which is fitting for the dark story of Mirai Nikki.

Sound 8/10:
The first opening was fantastic, perfectly fitting the Mirai Nikki atmosphere. There is nothing wrong with the second opening, but I did not think it resonated as well with the anime as the first opening had done. But overall, the OST was great without many complaints.

Character 9/10:
The character development of Mirai Nikki is simply perfect. Gasai Yuno is the perfect yandere without a doubt, holding up an innocent middle-school girl exterior. Amano Yukiteru is portrayed as a weak-willed and timid boy, with a voice actress that accurately represents his personality. Yuno is developed into a psychopathic stalker who becomes obsessed with Yukiteru, stopping at nothing to preserve their “relationship.” Yukiteru relies on her protection to stay alive in Deus Ex Machina’s game. Yuno is a yandere; Yukiteru is a coward. There is absolutely no flaw in the characters’ structure and development in Mirai Nikki.

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