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Woo! Today I get to talk about one of my favourite romantic comedy Anime! Oregairu. Now before we begin I’d just like to say that I’ve seen both seasons, but this review will only be about the second season not the first. So, if you’re not sure what I’m talkin’ about today, then I highly suggest you check out the Oregairu from the beginning 😉

Story: 9/10
Plot development shot through the roof with this season. Taking the drama that was building up from the first season, the second season takes that drama to thoroughly develop the plot and especially the characters. Hachiman starts to realize that his Batman Martyr methods aren’t good ways to solve his problems, as he doesn’t realize the serious repercussions that it creates. The story is about how he and the other characters make revelations about themselves and about each other, and how they deal with it. The drama isn’t forced at all and you can definitely imagine something similar to this plot happening in real life.


Art: 8/10
Nothing has changed much from the first season. The characters still look amazing, and the scenery is still good. You can easily tell the mood of a scene or of a character by how they are drawn or animated. The mood that the art gives off can be extremely intense, like how a painful expression can completely turn around the atmosphere. This season is animated by a different studio, but other than a slight increase in quality, nothing too drastic.


Sound: 8/10
Similar to how the art was extremely impactful on the mood of a scene, the soundtrack and the voice actors did an amazing job portraying the emotions of a character. The subtle fluctuations in a voice really tells you the mood of a character and makes it more intense. The voice actors performed amazingly. The OP and the ED weren’t anything special, but the OST was surprisingly amazing.


Character: 10/10
Character development heaven. The characters discover so much throughout this season. Each character is extremely different from each other and full of characteristics. This cast of characters is one of the most multi-dimensional cast ever, as you really can’t judge them by their covers. They all have their goals and desires, and they all have their own beliefs and methods of obtaining them. The development of the relationships between them is very complex, but that highlights just how characteristic each character is.

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  1. What I particularly like in the series is the interaction between the main leads. Both have varying philosophies which are depicted in the most brilliant way. Hachiman views the world with realistic approach, while Yukino has lots of ideal perspectives. Nevertheless, they still manage to help each other.

    Nice post. Cheers!

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