Joukamachi no Dandelion | Worth Watching?

For Sunday, we’re gonna do a classic fixture on this blog – “Worth Watching?”. Today we’re gonna discuss Joukamachi no Dandelion, and whether or not I think it would be worth watching.

Story: 7/10
It is a slice of life/comedy anime, and even if I enjoy watching this kind of anime I’m REALLY picky about it. Let me tell you this one is of the few ones I really enjoyed and kept me waiting for the next episode, it wasn’t because of the art or the depth of the characters but because it was actually funny and made me laugh my lungs out.


The story is linear and there’s no way to lose yourself in complex plot or anything, just follow the daily life of nine siblings that happen to be part of royalty. The story mainly follows all the events that happen before the election for the new king, which all the siblings partake. Some episodes really don’t bring anything new to the main plot but they are amusing to watch, though I hated the ending not because of who was chosen but it was all too quick to even take it seriously.

Art: 6/10 
The art is that of a classic shoujo, which is not bad but I think I have seen a lot of this style lately. It is nothing that stands out from the crowd and makes it look kind of bland, but the art style fits perfectly to the type of story it’s telling. And one last thing that bothered me from the beginning… Why don’t they at least look a bit alike though they are all from the same father and mother? Anime logic in its truest expression right here.


Sound: 7/10
The voices were okay, then again nothing that stands out. The opening and ending were really nice, I already have the OST and I love it, represents what the anime wants to transmit. A heart-warming and cute aura all around. I highly recommend the two songs.


Characters: 7/10
In the anime, they tried to expose every sibling’s personalities, which resulted in all the episodes viewpoint’s changing and made it more dynamic than remaining on a single character. Some characters were more developed than others, but the depth that some characters reflected was amazing. However, that being said, since there are many ‘main’ characters, you as a studio has to balance all of them so that each one develops properly. Something this Anime didn’t do well enough at in my opinion.

Is this Anime worth watching? I mean, I guess you would have to find out I guess! Watch it if you haven’t already, I dare you.

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