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Durarara!! | Anime Review

Durararararararararara!! Anime Review, let’s get to it!

Story (9/10)
The story is non-linear, which I love in anime because as it wraps up it doesn’t feel like an arc it just feels like a slice of a large multi-flavored cake. It gives you a good taste of what the whole thing is about; however, it still is only a slice of a giant story and while to some that is rather annoying I really like it. I do think that if you don’t like Masaomi, Mikado, and Anri you will like the story a bit less because the second half does focus on them (as the first half focuses on Celty) and so you may not like the second half as much. I personally love the characters and because of that loved the story.

Art (9/10)
It’s very nice on the eyes and is exceptional at highlighting the characters and showing the characters emotions in a bright or dark way depending. There is a nice highlight on the characters who are important to the story while the background characters are gray and since this anime doesn’t try and make every character seem like a shounen main character it helps us see who’s the important snowflake out of the snow storm and I love that, because it really gets at the theme of the anime. It helps portray that every person in life is important and interesting and has their own story but this anime focuses on a few select characters.

Sound (8/10)
My favourite soundtrack of all time done by Makoto Yoshimori (responsible for Baccano’s wonderful soundtrack and Hamatora’s quite pleasant soundtrack as well) it really just sets the atmosphere the entire anime and makes me so satisfied the whole ride of the anime. The anime would not be the same without its soundtrack set at the perfect times and I think that that’s the best way to give this soundtrack praise.

Character (9/10)
I think that if I had to say anything abouDurararara it’s that you may not enjoy it as much as everyone else, but there will be one character you will love. In my case I love every character and it’s the only anime to throw at me shitty human beings who I still love as characters. There’s not a character in Durarara I don’t like or enjoy (even the side characters are hilarious or lovable). It’s really a character driven plot and the characters interact in such a realistic fluid way that it all feels real. Ikebukuro feels real and the characters cannot be done justice in words. Every character is so unique even though on the outside they feel so similar. They are all multidimensional and have good and bad things about them. You start to care for the characters and hope that everything works out right.

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