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Today’s review will be on K-On!! however, if you think this will be about the first season, you are wrong; this will be on the second season, mainly because I liked it a lot more.

Both the first and second season air during the spring seasons, 2009 and 2010 respectively. Combining for a total of 39 episodes, 13 in the first season, 26 in the second season. Genres are as followed: Comedy, Music, School and of course, slice of life.

Story: (8/10)
The story continues from the first K-On!. It is now focused on the final year of high school for the Light Music Club Members. Just like the last season, the story is very simple and it’s just cute girls doing cute things but this time, they’re way cuter.
Does this show even have a plot you ask? Yea, I don’t think so but that shouldn’t really bother you. There’s also no story/plot development which also didn’t bother me. Well, in the last few episodes, it did have some plot development.

The story pacing in the last season was very fast and it had a lot of time skips because they were only allowed to air 12 episodes. This time, they were allowed 24 episodes so the pacing is now normal. There is still some time skips but the gaps are not that big.

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Art: (8/10)
The Animation is way better and more beautiful than the last season. You can actually see the details on the road, houses, school, etc. The lighting is also a lot better. The character designs are a bit better compared to the first season. They still use the cliche facial expressions but if you watched the first season then you should have gotten used to it by now.


Sound: (8/10)
Just like the first season, the show is still focused on music. This time, the music used in the show and the OP/ED is a lot better than the first season. The show also re-used some songs from the first season. The big example is FwaFwa time. I forget how many new songs the main characters sung but they were all great and pretty catchy. The song used in the final episode is one of the best songs in the show. It’s sad and happy at the same time if you read the translated lyrics of the song.


Character: (8/10)
In the first season, there was no room for character development due to lack of episodes but this time, we got one and it explains all the characters, their personality, likes and dislikes, etc. All of the characters from the first season are here. Characters like Ui, Sawako, Nodoka, and Jun didn’t get a lot of screen-time in the first season. In this season, they got a lot more attention and some episodes are dedicated to them.

Overall, do expect a little more development from the first season to the next, that is if you have watched the first season.

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