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Hi there! As I already mentioned on my twitter, today, I will be posting two blogs today. This is one of two! Not too sure when I’ll post the other one, I haven’t decided yet, however, it should be up before 6:00pm EST later day, so stay tuned to that.

Today, we’re going to check out an awesome Anime, Beelzebub.

Story 8/10:
I loved the story in Beelzebub it was something unique and appealing to me right from the start and most importantly, lasted until the end. The anime carries an underlining plot throughout, but most of the episodes are really random and in aspect have really nothing to do with the story whatsoever. But, the comedy and the randomness of each episode was something I loved and made me keep watching. Despite many of these random episodes, the anime does come back to the story and later on, the story even becomes a little more complex with new characters and obstacles coming into the picture. The ending did leave me a bit unsatisfied though for I thought we didn’t see everything there was to see in which case some of the random episodes did get in the way.

Art 8/10:
The art was something I felt that really made the anime series enjoyable to watch. The character designs were done really nicely and consistently and it followed the vibe of the anime perfectly. For example, in comical parts of the show, the expressions of the characters would fit the part perfectly making it much funnier.

source (1)

Character 8/10:
The characters in this show are what really makes the anime great. Oga is just this badass first-year student who beats the crap out of anyone who messes with him all while doing so with the lovable cute demon baby on his back. We have our typical anime best friend to the main character who is a creepy pervert who has gotten into some of the most hilarious situations making me laugh countless times.

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Even the supporting characters like other delinquents and Oga’s family were great. As you can tell by now this isn’t really the anime to be taken seriously so character development isn’t really a big concern in the anime. But you do see Oga get along and bond and become like a parent to Baby Beel and as far as character development goes that’s pretty much it. But because of all the random episodes, there isn’t a need for that at all.


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  1. I absolutely love Beelzebub!!! It’s amongst my top 10 faves, and the theme songs at the end for the first half of the series 😍😍😍 I didn’t feel the episodes were random tho, they all centered around his trying to get rid of the baby or finishing tasks that the great demon Lord sent to them or just getting out of crisis like that pee that drowns cities😂

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