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Today we’re going to be reviewing an Anime that is loved by many people and is considered by many to be one of the best Anime out there. Today, ladies and gentlemen, we are going to look into Ao no Exorcist.

Story 9/10:
The story was so tightly packed into the first three episodes, it felt like I was watching some kind of epic movie. I’ll admit the basic plot has been done before, we have all had our share of Son’s of Satan, but it still manages to be interesting anyway. Somehow it has that spark which makes it amazingly unique, yet it still includes anime clichés at the same time. The good thing about this show is that you’ll know if you like the story just from the first episode.
Although this is true about the first few episodes, I can’t say it is the same for the rest of the show. Ao no Exorcist is still enjoyable, but the action is far less than it was in those episodes. The action did pick up like for example in ep 12, but I can’t say it’s consistent. Read the manga if this bothers you.

Art 10/10:
The art is perfect for me. Honestly, though, it’s a matter of opinion. I don’t like my characters too bishounen or too muscular. The characters are drawn, for the most part, in between the two (leaning on the bishie side), so I love it.
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Sound 8/10:
I love the sound as well. There was appropriate music in the appropriate scenes that’s all I can say. When the tragic moments occurred, really sad music played. When they were running/fighting against demons, it was more upbeat. It was well done in my opinion.
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Character 10/10:
The characters now this is my favorite out of everything (even though everything is rated the same). Rin, the main character, is not too whiny nor really bad ass. He acts like a normal 15-year-old for the most part, although a bit on the bad side until, of course, he finds out he’s a demon. The main enemy on the other side, Satan, is extremely creepy and scary. But this is good because who wants a sappy enemy? At least you know that he won’t be one of those villains that switch sides. If you like your main characters not too over the top and your villains totally villainous, this is your show.


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