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Can you believe that Zetsuen no Tempest, came out in 2013? Hard to believe right, especially when you remember it airing. Zetsuen no Tempest is the topic for today’s blog, as many of you can probably tell by the title, welcome to another Anime review!

Story 8/10:
Amazing plot, the story of revenge leads the audience to decide whether the ending should be one of tragedy or happy ending. Loved how Zetsuen no Tempest tells a story of magic and mythology, at the same time giving the possibility that what seems like magic and gods could merely be science at a level above one’s comprehension. The story involves a lot of psychology theme which is a favorite of mine. Questioning just how one should respond to the loss of loved one, by either responding with desire for revenge or to continue living a normal life.

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Honestly, this story deserves a higher rating than 8, a majority of top animes with high ratings are romance comedy. This story is interesting! It helps question what it means to be human, whether being logical all the time is appropriate or to express those emotions we humans were given to show. Using the words from Hamlet and The Tempest, truly made the story more elegant and beautiful. Showing that humans not only desire a meaningful life but a meaningful death. Not to mention Zetsuen no Tempest help question whether lives’ coincidences are just coincidences or do they tie to a predestined state of events in life.

Art 8/10:
Enjoyed the art definitely, characters were well designed. Loved how Aika’s death was shown to be mysterious, beautiful and meaningful when given a reason for her death but also cold and tragic without understanding what was the point of her death. Mahiro’s character art was well drawn as well, his appearance gave off a rebellious leader aura that was recklessly yet rational. Yoshino’s character art was also well suited for his character and personality, looking somewhat regular like the character but hiding a calculative intelligent persona that at times lack delicacy due to experience.

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Sound 8/10:
The classical use of music helped produced the atmosphere really well. Music being classical really help Zetsuen no Tempest relate to Shakespeare’s Hamlet and the Tempest even most so. Not much to say otherwise.

Characters 9/10:
Loved all the characters, especially Aika for being the mastermind behind our 2 protagonists’ journey for revenge and truth. Aika (also voiced by my favorite seiyuu) was my favorite, her personality is a little bit of everything. Strong and cold by being able to make the decision of her death all on her own, playing an actor in front of Mahiro with Yoshino to keep their relationship a secret. Yet having a soft, warm and playful side to her that is somewhat childish at times. During times with her and just Yoshino or arguing with Mahiro because neither was afraid of her that felt the need to protect her frail looking appearance.

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Yoshino was my favorite character for first half of the story, being able to calmly make decisions and act out of rationality, adapting when necessary. Being perfect yet imperfect was what made him interesting. Since Aika mentioned that Yoshino is able to be calm and act rationally at all times is because he goes with the flow adapting when necessary, able to be everything appropriate but unable to be individual. Mahiro wasn’t much of a favorite character but likable nevertheless.

A typical rebellious cold and cool character, reckless yet has good rational than most rebellious characters would. Hakaze being the opposite half of Aika was good to have. A sheltered princess unknowing to common sense, having an outward tough exterior but is actual frail on the inside being the maiden she is. Complete opposite of Aika who was frail in appearance but strong-willed in personality, complementing each other’s character.

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