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Shinsekai yori | 10 out of 10, will watch again.

Hi there, and welcome to another blog! Today’s format will look a little different today. I thought to myself “Maybe I should just write one without worrying about rating” and this is what I came up with. Do not worry though, you can easily see when I am going into the different aspects that make up the Anime – Hopefully, you’ll enjoy!

Today, we’re going to discuss an Anime that I really do love and as the title suggest, 10 out of 10, will watch again. If you haven’t seen the Anime Shinsekai yori, then I do highly suggest you give it a look. It’s 25 episodes, so it’s not a short Anime.

The story takes place in Japan a thousand years from the present in a utopia where a portion of the population retains a special power called psychokinesis. From the beginning, we follow a group of five children as they grow up in the anime and see how they develop within a community bounded by strict rules and deal with the decisions they make that alter the course of their lives and the entire society they live in. The plot of the show flows very nicely from episode to episode and just as we approach the climax, there’s a plot twist and the storyline from that point just flips upside down in a way you would never expect it to.

The characters in this anime are just something else, with Saki as it’s shining star. The main characters start off as children and by the end of the anime, they are adults, with the proper illustration of character development. There are a couple of anime who have attempted this “children to adulthood” metamorphosis motif within one season but they do not pull it off as well as Shinsekai Yori. With an anime that has twenty-five episodes, you would think it would not be enough time for proper character development from children to adults. However, Shinsekai Yori pulls this off very smoothly, which is evidently seen with Saki and Satoru, which even applies to the supporting characters as well. You will not see one character behaving as such and then the next episode they are being the polar opposite, everything is explained and shown very well.

The sound is one of the areas this anime excels in. Every sound that you would not even care for is implemented in every episode and added in the appropriate places, at the appropriate times; the echoing of the voices in a dim room, the rippling of water flowing from a stream. Not to mention soundtrack produced by this amine, which is amazing. Just youtube the battle theme, even if you have not watched the anime yet, it will entice your interests in this anime.

The quality of the art and the animation is what you would expect from any anime standards that are out there today: clear, crisp and pleasing to the eye. The characters and the environment in each of the scenes are drawn to a level of detail, not too simple, yet not too far in detail as well, just in the middle. The quality of art really makes you focus on the message the anime is trying to radiate to the viewer; more than focusing on the wow factor on how amazing the art is.

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