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Haiyore! Nyaruko-san | Worth Watching?

Today, we going to take a peek at the Anime, Haiyore! Nyaruko-san. Sci-Fi, Parody, and Comedy Anime that aired during the Spring 2012 season. This Anime does, in fact, have a second season to it, however, this blog today will only be about the first season.

Is Haiyore! Nyaruko-san, worth watching? I mean, it’ll depend on the viewer and your interests. I watched it because I like watching anime even if they’re ‘okay’. That’s my opinion, now, let us get on with the discussion at hand!

Story: 6/10
Alright, so the story wasn’t all that great, but that’s because it’s a parody of a serious anime; after all, every huge fight and build up turned into something comedic. This wasn’t supposed to be some deep, symbolic story where you’ll fall to your knees, begging God or Zeus for forgiveness; no, it was supposed to be funny, to blow it off as if nothing. But that doesn’t mean it was good, either. It was annoying, really, to have such intergalactic conflicts blown off as trivial. I mean honestly, give me one good villain! Perhaps the story arc, bland and straight as an arrow, could have been reworked to include elements to give the story, well, a story to follow and hold on to.

Art: 8/10
Obviously, this is where the production costs went. The artwork was flawless. Almost. The environments were kind of, bland. There were certain times when the story LOOKED like it was going somewhere when the artwork excelled – but most of the time, it was flat and, well, nothing special. But the characters were drawn nice, and everything seemed cutesy and too good to be true kind of drawings. The aliens and monsters were nicely drawn as well, but once again, nothing special. So, I’ll give it a decent score.

Sound: 8/10
I’m not going to berate the sound either. It was actually quite good. The theme song was typical of comedic animes, catchy and, well, funny. The background music at critical times wasn’t the typical orchestra, but opera-sounding voices, which was a nice deviation from the typical drum rolling and whatnot. But here, everything seemed to be in order. So, this deserves a decent score as well.

Character: 6/10
They really shouldn’t have messed this up. I would have forgiven the studio for the lack of storyline, but you can’t have static, stereotypical, almost perfectly archetypal characters that bore the audience. I mean come on, have some characters change in some way.  Take out these lovey-dovey characterizations of Nyaruko and Cthuko. I was intrigued, though, when these Greek references to gods and stuff were first introduced; but Hasta doesn’t act like the God of Wind all the time. Not to mention, a tsundere as the main character: Not that original, nowadays.

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