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Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata ♭ | One of my favourite Anime Series

After an extremely long and busy semester with all the things, I finally was able to finish Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata series; and I must say, it is definitely one of my favourite Anime series. It was very enjoyable, especially since you saw some type of character development from the first season to the next – Despite the Anime being a romance, comedy.

This is, in my opinion, a definite must watch. I had a lot of fun watching it, the Anime helped relieve a lot of stress I had, and I hope if you do watch the Anime that you too really enjoy it!

The story this season covers the completion of the circle’s first game, the conflict that occurs in its wake, and the struggle to continue to the next project. Throughout the season, the writing is of consistent quality and doesn’t fail to deliver on any of its jokes. However, looking back on a lot of the moving scenes reveals they often get exaggerated and a bit too melodramatic. If you enjoy this kind of storytelling it’s a plus, but if not, it can take away from the experience. Regardless, the author managed to make a harem with ecchi it that actually has a good story, which is quite impressive.

As far as the soundtrack goes, it was definitely fitting for the anime. Whenever there was a funny moment or high point, the soundtrack always delivered with something appropriate.

The art is probably some of the most pretty I’ve seen in anime. Of course, it isn’t Unlimited Budget Works level, but A-1 really did a great job with the visuals.

Since this season really only focuses on the main cast, my scoring is only in consideration of them. The main cast has harem character archetypes: Tomoya the beta-male otaku MC, Utaha the cheeky intellectual beauty, Eiriri the tsundere blonde childhood friend, and Megumi the Plain Jane. The girls archetypes are mainly to differentiate the characters so viewers can idealize whichever pair suits their tastes. In the end, they neither limit nor subtract from the characters. Each one has their own quirks, and they all contribute to the comedic elements in a different way.

Tomoya has never really shown much romantic affection, but it’s implied that he is less concerned about romance and instead more concerned about his aspirations for the circle. This makes him appear as the naive protagonist you so often see in harems. Unfortunately, to create the environment for these harem stories to occur the MC is often forced to take this passive role. He isn’t going to stay that way forever though: as the show progresses he becomes less apathetic and shows more affection, especially toward the end of this season.

Opinion piece
Without a doubt, my favourite character is Utaha Kasumigaoka. She was a very dominant and seductive force in the Anime. I loved her personality and I loved the role she played in the Anime. On top of all that, I thought Utaha was weird as it is, I thought the character was really attractive, I don’t know why don’t ask me. Furthermore, the voice acting for her really fit the character model and style. Madam Kayano, Ai has done it again with her amazing voice acting skills!

I think the voice acting overall was really well done in the Anime. They had very strong and popular voice actors and actresses play very important characters in the Anime, giving the show a bigger overall advantage. Two of them being Matsuoka, Yoshitsugu, and Kayano, Ai (The people who played Sora and Shiro from NGNL – My favourite Anime of all time). Voice acting for me is what pushed this Anime over the edge, for me.

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