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Exams are finally over, and the semester has come to an end. All this means, now I have all the time in the world to write out blogs, watch Anime, and overall enjoy my summer vacation before the next semester.

This means I will be putting my effort towards making sure I get ahead in the count. As well as ensuring I have a strong enough backlog for weeks I know will be pre-occupied with life.

Today, we’re going to be talking about Sekirei, an Anime for those who love the fanservice and harems, then 100% this is the Anime for you.

Story 7/10
For those who had followed the series back in 2008, Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ is a continuation as Sahashi Minato endeavours to ‘catch’ as many girls as he can to add to his harem collection. For those that haven’t seen the first season, I strongly suggest watching the series or else SPE will not make any sense to you(nor this review).

Plot-wise; with the final Sekirei being ‘winged’ in this season, SPE now delves into the Sekirei game which is the main focus to which Minato and others like him must compete in.

I must admit I’ve started to enjoy this series as the cast who had seemed like your average clichéd characters last season now seem to have some purpose for a plot to develop as a whole. Of course that doesn’t mean the show has lost its other harem/ecchi clichés like your accidental ‘, oops, I tripped and fell on your breast’ gag, but what it does mean is that this series no longer has to rely on its fan-service to keep us from seeing how good this show can be…and it is. Whilst the idea of collecting women as battle figures like you would Pokemon may not be to everyone’s preference, it’s a gimmick that’s aimed at a certain crowd and being part of that crowd, I think it’s just pure genius!

Art 7/10
Art for Sekirei is always a crowd-pleaser, especially in the male department. As a fan of ecchi and hentai material, the creator has made sure that all the leading ladies with D-cups and above, are captured in every angle possible for the service fans had anticipated since the first season. In term’s of animation, I believe SPE has improved, and one episode of noteworthy is a particular Sekirei’s ‘winging’, which I have to say was beautifully animated compared to the previous seasons Sekirei’s.


Sound 7/10
The OP “Hakuyoku no Seiyaku PE” sung by the leading ladies of the series gives a feeling of nostalgia of 2 years ago as it’s in the same rhythm, as well as the ED “Onnaji Kimochi”. Also as a guy who doesn’t like change when it comes to sequels or spin-offs, I was pleased to find that Seven Arcs studio had kept the original seiyuus to lend their voices for the cast of its sequel(especially since I’m a big fan of Yukana).

Character 5/10
Unfortunately not much has changed in regards to character development as Minato(uninspiring as he is), is still clueless about his actual surroundings. Whilst there are moments when you think he might actually shine when he stands up for one of his cast, it just doesn’t outweigh how indecisive a male lead he can be.

Minato aside, the supporting cast is what saves the show as we’re shown Minato’s harem increased, who have likable personalities that correspond with the original girls, and which one of them pretty much provides the comedy and humour for the series.

One thing I did like about the sequel so far was the opening of episode one where we are shown a flashback of Miya(caretaker of Izumo Inn to which Minato boards) when she was part of the first Sekirei strike team. The two and a half minutes of pure demolition from her and her team, makes any Sekirei fan realize again just how “bad ass” she was. I can only assume that we will be seeing more of these flashbacks in future series as we discover how the Sekirei came to be.

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