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As many of you probably know (If you follow me on Twitter that is), I’ve been binge watching Anime like it’s nobody’s business. By binge watching, I mean watching a good 6 episodes a day for a continuous 3 hours per day – sometimes I finish the whole Anime within the day (Sitting for a hot 5 to 6 hours).

Then, often times I’ll make sure to start the next Anime watch I finish the one I was currently watching.

Today, I am currently binge watching Deki-gai no Honya-san. As you can probably tell by the title “First Impressions” I am currently watching one of the first two episodes. As of the time of me writing this, I am watching the second episode (It’s on in the background as I type).

Allow me to give you my thoughts on the Anime thus far.

As for the story, there isn’t really one. It’s very episodic and doesn’t follow any sort of plot from what I can currently tell. Unless it’s a “story” that get’s carried over into the next episode. Which is what happened at the beginning of the second episode.

It’s about 7 employees who work at a manga shop and the various weird and sometimes perverted moments they experience there. Obviously, immediately you can tell this is a comedy. It’s something that is made really obvious at the beginning of the Anime.

for the sound, the opening and ending are both very dismissable, they don’t really stand out to me. They sound like your ordinary opening and ending that comes with every typical Comedy. The background sounds and music used aren’t really noticeable, they are very barebones and in some cases can barely be heard.

The voice acting though, I believe fits the Anime and what they’re trying to accomplish with its comedic style. One voice that immediately stuck out to me was the character whose name happens to be “Director”. Reason being, the voice actor happens to be the person who voiced Kirito (SAO) and Sora (NGNL), both which happen to be my favourites.

Animation-wise, everything happens to look very normal and average. Character design is very bubbly and glossy if you know what I mean. They look rather shiny. A few things I noticed that were consistent with the character design, is that their heads are all rather round and lack definition. Their eyes as well although look different to the normal person, they actually carry the same theme, shape and design.

Finally, as for characters, this being a comedic Anime, there are many types of personalities that play into the whole Anime. All of them have their own quirks that make them interesting. As I am only on the first few episodes, there isn’t really much in terms of character development, I mean, it’s a Comedy, typically speaking there isn’t much of that.

All that being said, I am enjoying this Anime. I’ve had a couple of laughs already, and I do expect more laughs later on in the later episodes!



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