Natsume Yuujinchou San |Third Season Review

Hi and welcome to another review! Today, we’ll chat about an Anime that has been ongoing for what seems to be, ages. Yes, that Anime is Natsume Yuujinchou, an Anime, like the Monogatari series, has a ton of seasons.

Those two are comparable to a certain degree because they are both really well done and are very entertaining! Today, I’ll be chatting about the third addition to the series – Let’s get on with the review.

The storytelling remains largely episodic, and while each episode may be rather unconnected to the previous, they all reveal much about the protagonist. This season has seen a clear shift, from the more Youkai-centred storytelling of the first two seasons to one focused on the exploration of Natsume’s character and his past, giving viewers a more complete picture of Natsume.

The art remains soft and unobtrusive, and the animation is fluid. While this is not breathtaking material, it complements the simplicity of the anime, and undoubtedly leaves viewers satisfied.


Like the art, the sound works closely with the overall theme of the anime and is gentle, atmospheric and flowing. Voice acting is top notch, and emotional levels are kept at just the right level, for viewers to be able to relate to the characters, yet never allowing the anime to degenerate into angst and melodrama.

Rarely do we have a hero who is selfless yet discerning, strong yet frail; rarely, do we have a protagonist so real. Natsume is not one who defies all logic and overcomes insuperable odds but is one faced with hesitations and uncertainties like the rest of us.

The supporting characters also hold their own, especially the greedy and increasing obese Nyanko-sensei. Despite their rather short screen time and lack of recurrence, the Youkais are also well developed and believable, each with their own story to tell. Overall, the characters are all colourful, well thought-out and add their own distinctive touches to the story.

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  1. This is one of my favourite serials of all-time. I love how feel-good it is, but the genuine warmth and realness of the yōkai personas, as well as watching Natsume grow and develop more as an individual–all of it just as me hooked forever. I think those are what make the series so beautiful. 🙂 I really enjoyed your review!

  2. I love how these seasons seem episodic but when you look back you realise how far Natsume has come as a character. This anime is just awesome to watch. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on season 3.

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