Persona 4 the Animation | Based on the Game!

For the record, I didn’t know that this Anime was based off the game, which so happens to have the same title of the Anime. What I find interesting that there is a decent amount of Anime that are based on games. Persona 4 is an example of that.

Often times, however, Anime that are based on games do not generally go too well and often they fall short of expectations set for them. I think Person 4 is different in that respect, compared to other game based Anime, this one I thought did really well. Which is why today, I bring up the question, “Is it worth watching?” well let’s find out, shall we!

While I personally enjoyed the story of Persona 4 The Animation, there were a few hiccups that I would imagine that others would be less forgiving of. I enjoyed the symbolism and character development throughout the series and the comedy scenes nearly had me in tears but there were a few instances where the slice-of-life episodes were a little too drawn out, slowing down the pace of the show.

Another thing that might bother other viewers is the fact that this anime follows the story of the game a little too closely. People who have beaten Persona 4 will already know the major twists and turns which might spoil some of the fun along the way. On the other hand, people who haven’t played the game might not understand some of the ins and outs that veterans of the series already understand (I had to have a friend clue me in on a few things that didn’t make sense to me). But other than these minor complaints, I can’t think of any other criticisms I have for the story.


I really enjoyed the art and animation used in P4 The Animation. The liberal use of yellow really fits the mood that the series is going for and the bright and well-animated Openings are some of the best I’ve seen in an anime. The animation is well done and looks fine but isn’t anything worth writing home about. The only issue I have with the art style is the use of orange on character’s faces to imitate shadows. Oftentimes, this either makes the characters look like they all have 5 o’clock shadows or (if viewed from farther away) very painful-looking sunburns over their mouths and cheeks.

Persona 4 The Animation has some of the best music in an anime that I’ve ever heard. Each of the songs is either lifted from Persona 4 (the game) or has been written specifically for the animation. Also, fans of Persona 3’s music will be in for a treat during an episode where the characters visit a certain Gekkoukan High School. The only part of the sound design that I have to criticize is the voice of Teddie. They could not have picked a more obnoxious voice for this mascot character…

The characters are the real meat of the anime. Almost every character manages to be interesting and believable no matter the circumstances. After all, this show is all about the characters coming to grip with parts of their personalities that they don’t wish to recognize. The main character is especially entertaining due to the fact that he doesn’t fall into the same trap that many of the common stereotypical protagonists do in many animes.

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