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Shakugan no Shana III | Worth Watching?

The end of an Anime that people just love for some reason (myself being one of them). The finale to the SNSana series, one that brought many mixed reactions throughout the seasons it had. Sometimes you didn’t know what was happening or whether or not what you were actually watching really ‘worked’ or was ‘worth it’.

Yes, the whole series, was like that. However, despite that, I still liked the Anime. A shocker I know, but there was something about it that made me like it. A mixture of confusion has been brought to all of us today, let’s see if Shakugan no Shana III is really worth watching.

As the ending of the last season, there left a cliffhanger, we are all wondering what happened after that. To my surprise, there’s even a more shocking revelation right off the very first episode. It shows a new storyline for the finale. There’s a major twist in the story this time because of an apparent major switching of sides of one of the main characters. It is all really confusing.

A full force war is always a perfect storyline for endings. And if we’re talking about war, it’s always about a battle of beliefs. Who’s right or wrong? What is the true peace? Whose belief will prevail at the end? As always, this series loves to use interesting yet quite confusing terminologies or names for its characters. Some terms are interesting and cool but some are quite mess-up and don’t even matches to the character’s personality and ability. However, I am going to admit that most of the dialogues and lines are really confusing.

There are quite a number of new characters both on the protagonists’ and antagonists’ sides. Sakai Yuji has always been the type of character with an impressive improvement. From being a weak and tiny torch, he became quite a capable fighter that even Alastor was in awe. However, this time around his character development was more shocking and unexpected. I didn’t particularly like him because he can become really irritating but in this finale, he’s not only extremely irritating but he’s also really confusing.

You will also, see Shana’s abilities like you’ve never seen it before. There are few new interesting techniques. I’ve always wanted for Shana and Yuji’s love story to really develop, but it was really slow-paced – which sucked. 

One of the amazing things, when there’s quite a gap between the previous season and the sequel, is the improvement with its animation. There’s non-stop explosive action from start to finish. I never expected anything less of the studio, J.C. Staff.

Surely though, Kotoko and Mami Kawada music transmit that Shana-esk vibe, but that can’t atone for the damage caused. Also, even with Ai Kayano, Yuki Kaji, Marina Inoue and Natsumi Takamori were added on the seiyuu cast, none of them matters. I’m pretty sure that they were overjoyed being casts on SNShana 3. Overall to say the least, to me personally, it was all pretty normal stuff.

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