Kimi to Boku. | Season One review

That’s right! I’m going back to my Slice of Life, Comedy, and school Anime – and no one can stop me!

You see, when you’re bored and have nothing to do, what do you do? You watch Slice of Life Anime because, in my opinion, they never fail to disappoint. Don’t you agree? It’s that normal, relaxing genre that will always entertain and Kimi to Boku, the first season, doesn’t fail to disappoint, in my eyes.

I tend to praise Slice of Life Anime more so because I have a bias for the genre, which may or may not go well with some people but ya’know, why not! Let’s get started now, shall we!

The high school students in Kimi to Boku. consider their school life to be anything but exciting. A repetitive journey through classes, arguments, and orientations for future careers that seem way too distant. But with the right group of friends, time can be made to move a little faster.

Four high school boys, who have known each other since childhood, hang out together in school every day. There’s the handsome twins Yuuki and Yuuta Asaba, the gentle Shun Matsuoka, and the calm class head Kaname Tsukahara. Although they have become used to a lack of excitement in their lives, the addition of a new transfer student, Chizuru Tachibana, who is half German and half Japanese, may add a little more adventure to their routine. With his energetic personality and stories from a distant country, Chizuru may be able to light up the dull atmosphere of the group. – MyAnimeList

The plot of this series revolves around five high school boys who have known each other since childhood. Kimi to Boku falls under the ‘slice of life’ category because that’s exactly what it is. If you’re expecting something that’s action-packed or has a fast pace, this anime will likely disappoint you, because it’s neither. But, this is one of the reasons that this series is so great; it’s simple. It deals with the everyday lives of these five boys (Kaname, Shun, Yuuta, Yuuki, and Chizuru) and the people they interact with. Each episode they are faced with new life challenges that are easy for the viewer to relate to. Though, this series also focuses on the boys’ pasts, showing little segments to explain traits that they continue to show in present time or to reflect on a previous relationship with each other or one of the other characters.

Drama hardly exists in Kimi to Boku, other than adorable, friendly squabbles or the occasional love interest dilemma. This can either come across as boring to a viewer or as something that’s soothing compared to the other anime that they might watch. To me, Kimi to Boku is a breath of fresh air. While other animes may be nerve-wracking or stressful to watch, this anime is so enjoyable to me. Every time I sit down to watch it, I can just feel myself melt into the world of these characters and I find myself helplessly falling in love with their situations.


The art of this anime is very similar to Hotta’s art in the manga. Both are drawn simplistically, which fits perfectly with the series’ simplistic plot. The characters are drawn with detail that is just enough, not messy, but not overwhelmingly complex. Each character get’s his or her own unique look and features, making them easy to distinguish between them and easy for someone who’s new to the series catch on and remember their names. Although, something that I really enjoy is that the anime is the beautiful pallet of colours. The anime has very soft, warm colours. The scenery of the backgrounds often involving cherry blossoms or beautiful sky images. The colours and the atmosphere of this anime only add to the beauty of this series’ complicated-simplicity.

The music is alright. The background music is not overwhelming and doesn’t seem to distract the viewer from the character interactions, instead, it seems to just perfectly fit with the rest of the atmosphere. The opening and ending themes are cute, although, the music altogether is not very memorable. It just fits.

I’ve been stating over and over how delightfully simplistic this series is, but the characters are anything but simple. Each character is something special, each character feels like the main character, and each character is able to blend with the rest of the cast. Focusing on our main five boys, each of them has a special relationship with one another and interact with each other in different ways. Though, one criticism that this series has gotten is the ‘BL’ aspects that the show gives off. It’s all about perception, if you want to see a deeper relationship between any of these characters, then you can easily see one, if you chose to view them as just being a set of close friends, then the BL elements are hardly overwhelming. These characters are for everyone who wants to enjoy them, this series is NOT just eye candy for fangirls.

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  1. I loved this series so much. I really enjoy seemingly simple, feel-good serials like this one. It’s nice to see it getting some attention. 🙂

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