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Woo! Welcome back to another edition of “Past to Present” a category where I simply tell you my favourite Anime for that season. Today we’re going be showin’ you my favourites from the 2010 Spring season.

Number 1: Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

I was a sucker for this Anime from the very beginning and here is why – I read the manga. Yeah, that’s right. Going into this Anime, it already had extremely high expectations and I must say it definitely delivered. I wish that one day they’ll make a second season, as the manga has a lot to offer. Maid-sama runs for a total of 26 episodes and is labelled as a Comedy, Romance, School, Shoujo.


Number 2: Angel Beats

Ah, yes. Angel Beats, the Anime many people considered to be one of the highlights to 2010 as well as one of the best Anime to ever air. Angel Beats, the Anime that at times, isn’t for the faint of heart. It is jam-packed with drama and scenes that will make you appreciate life. Angel Beats aired for a total of 10 episodes and is labelled as Action, Comedy, Drama, School, Supernatural. Without a doubt, this is a definite must-watch. 

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Number 3: K-On!!

26 episodes worth of entertainment from beginning-to-end. I can safely say, that K-On is probably an Anime that is loved by everyone universally. It is also very deserving of that praise as well – I certainly had a lot of fun watching it. K-On is classed as a Comedy, Music, School, Slice of Life.

Number 4: Rainbow

Without a doubt in my mind, Rainbow is probably one of the more darker and unforgiving Anime – in regards to its topic. It is because of the story itself that I love the Anime a lot. This Anime shows the darker side to Anime, a more mature side which now differs from today’s bubbly, comedic and lighthearted Anime. Rainbow has a total of 26 episodes and his labelled as Drama, Historical, Seinen, Thriller.

Number 5: Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei

Finally, we have The Tatami Galaxy. Which can be argued to be the best Anime from this list, which isn’t wrong – it is the highest rated Anime on MAL. However, for me, despite me really enjoying the Anime, I have to place it as 5th. Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei runs for a total of 11 episodes and is classed as a Mystery, Comedy, Psychological, Romance.

These are my top picks from Spring 2010, what’s yours?

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