Working!! | The Anime with many seasons

There are many Anime that have multiple seasons. Working!! and all its other titles, is one of them. This Anime, however, is unique compared to others that have multiple seasons because unlike other Anime, typically if it’s labelled as a Slice of Life there is very little in terms of plot, while makes it easier to make multiple seasons.

Today I’ll be discussing Working!!, which I believe to be the second season? Pretty sure that is correct; any who let’s get on with the review!

After reading that little plot synopsis, you would think that there’s an interesting story behind Working!! Unfortunately, there isn’t, but that’s what made Working!! enjoyable since it IS a Slice of Life anime. The story kicks off with our adorable busty loli, Poplar Taneshima, greeting some customers on a normal workday. Unfortunately, the restaurant is a bit short-staffed, so it’s up to Poplar to gather some new recruits since the manager, Kyouko Shirafuji, is as lazy as a sloth.

After asking many people to see if they would like a part-time job, but only to get that offer rejected, she suddenly bumps into our main protagonist, Souta Takanashi. Though he thinks Poplar is a small child and is lost, Poplar retorts saying she’s 17 years old and is looking for part-timers for her job. Knowing that he’ll work with Poplar since he believes she’s cute, Takanashi gladly accepts. From there on, Takanashi’s life has become a bit crazier now that he’s working at Wagnaria.

The visuals are appropriate; the art is crisp and colourful and easy on the eyes. They don’t do anything to wow you, but there’s also no need to. The art isn’t the star here, and for what it’s worth, it does what it needs to do.
The opening song is audio-crack. I’m not usually a fan of such energetic and cutesy songs, but this particular one’s so damn charming that I immediately became hooked. The voice acting is great and hits all the right notes, and all of the characters sound spot-on. The BGM isn’t too memorable, mainly because the story isn’t very dramatic.

For the main cast, we vary from all different ends of the spectrum. We have the main protagonist obsessed with cute things, Takanashi Souta, Taneshima Popura, who is ironically nicknamed Poplar, given her size, (Poplar trees are quite tall in nature.) and Mahiru Inami, which to me, has a personality who reminds me of Arashiko from MM! (Basically, she has a fear of men, and instinctively punches them in the face if they get too close.) As well, as a whole other smorgasbord of characters of whom all have quite interesting and memorable personalities.

In terms of supporting cast, we don’t have as large of a cast as other animes, but for what we do get, we get characters who are quite memorable to some extent. Character’s like Souta’s family of four sisters, Inami’s parents, and some random ones that appear for periods of time.

The show uses its characters well, making its bland plot idea very flavorful and colourful due to the fact that the characters that live in this world are very out there in terms of personalities, and create some great and wonderful funny moments. The interactions between these characters are very prominent in the series and as such, make the series what it is.

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