Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! | Say what?!

Judging by the title of the series, there’s not much to expect and could seem to be quite predictable. “Listen to me Girls, I am Your Father!” We start off with one of our main characters (Sora Takanashi) caught with her pants down, literally. Now, you’re probably thinking about dropping the series at this point as it might turn into an “ecchi” series. Well, dead wrong. You see, in this story, we have our main character, the carefree Yuuta Segawa. Then, we have the middle child Miu Takanashi who causes mischievous deeds throughout the series for “uncles” and Sora. And finally, who could never forget our tsundere-like Sora?

Despite all that’s mentioned above, there is much more depth into this series than meets the eye. From a tragic news of the morning comes forth an unprecedented event that will change uncles’ life forever. With the surprising turn of events, it is clear now that this series has a much in-depth theme, the theme of responsibility and being with someone you never thought you’d be: a father, an uncle, and a big brother.

Despite this though, there are still those fan-service scenes popping up occasionally such as Sora’s untimely undressing and morning wake up calls. Then, there is our Raika girl, the strange girl with boobs that makes Sora’s look like marbles. At this point, some of our viewers may have pushed that “dropped” button on their anime list. With the common usage of fan-service, we see in nearly God-knows-what percentage of anime we see these days, it’s not surprising. However, if you watch the series carefully, you may notice that this series eventually shows its true visage.


That visage is being the emotional and drama side of the show. It is deep as the series progresses. It is emotional as we see some of the more vulnerable sides of our characters. It is dramatic in the way how events turn out to be. And it is a reality, not a dream.

Seriously, if you or most people were in Yuuta’s shoes, it would have been something that you wish and wish was a bad dream and wake up to a morning coffee. But mornings will never be the same again with these three girls under your roof.

Beyond that, there are also some insightful side characters of the series some of us may want to keep their eyes on. For instance, the lolicon Sako whose there for the comic relief, the lady’s man Nimura that has some great chemistry with Miu, and last but not least Raika that skyrockets Sora’s tsundere sense like no tomorrow. Despite her relatively short appearances, it is clear that her view in this series has touched the hearts and our minds but by her interactions with the other characters.

As for the art and sound, I would say that both are just average and not award worthy of the year. I mean, it is just there. Of course, the light themed piano tone of the background occasionally does mix in with the series well but overall, not something I’ll remember the Anime by for a long time. The art (like most 2010+ series) is presented well. However, there are those scenes where they background and obscene characters look like computer generated graphics that leads to a turnoff.

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