Sankarea | Worth Watching?

Originally, I didn’t have high expectation of this series. No, it is not because the series is tagged as “ecchi” by MAL or the fact that the main character has a zombie fascination.

The story tells the young boy named Chihiro Furuya, who has a strange hobby, or more a fascination with zombies. Now, there’s something you don’t see or hear every day. However, despite being strange as it sounds, it is what our main character loves. His obsession with zombies can be traced to the point of obsession and even a fetish. Sounds strange right? I’m sure this would definitely be something strange even for any of us considered to be an otaku. The story continues on from there where he meets another girl, an idol, to be exact who later after unfortunate circumstances become what he “loves”. As for our main heroine, she is a unique character.

Despite being one of the most beautiful girls at school, she strives hard to gain “freedom” or to be free from her life. Most prominently, she tries to escape her circumstances at home because what goes beyond those doors are circumstances that some of us may puke or feel disgusted about. It is definitely something I’m sure most of us don’t want to be placed in our own circumstances in real life.

Then, we have other characters like Ranko Saōji (also known as Wanko). She is rather tomboyish judged by her attitude and appearance but there’s some history between her and our zombie-loving MC, a history that can be traced back to puppy love, zombie movies, and all that rest of good stuff. It would definitely be interesting to see what kind of rivalry or friendship she may later develop towards our school beauty, aka Rea.
Anyways, my impressions of the story so far are great. Even the very first episode got me hooked like a zombie. The movement of the story so far is somewhat slow but easy to follow and as the series continues, we see some of the unravelling details such as Rea’s background. More importantly, the tone of the story becomes darker as we see what is going on behind the scenes of Rea’s life. We also see the history between Ranko and Chihiro as well as childhood memories are a treasure that most of us should keep placed in our hearts.

As for the art, I’m not too impressed. Well, let’s just say that when I first saw that Studio Deen was the studio involved for this, my hopes were dead like a zombie. However, after watching these first few episodes, I’m glad they proved me wrong. I like the style and art of the series so far even if it’s a bit plain. After all, art isn’t something that determines the overall enjoyment of a series. Don’t believe me? Just ask Gurren Lagann.

As for the sound and music, I think so far it does seem to fit. I mean, it’s not something eerie like Shigofumi: Letters of the Departed but you’ll notice it soon once you get into the series. There’s also emotional music mixed in that reflects on some of the moods of the story. Then, there’s the melody of comedic music thrown in during lighter atmospheres. Overall, I’d say that the soundtrack isn’t something worth an Emmy Award but also compelling to the show.

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