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Hullo, hullo and welcome to the fourth installment of “Past to Present” the blog series where I tell you my favourite Anime for that particular season for that year. Today, we’re going to be talking about Winter 2010; which shall also be the second-to-last 2010 season review! Let’s get on with it.

Number One: Katanagatari 

For this season, I think Katanagatari, is my favourite Anime. The art style is rather unique and creates for really interesting and stunning visuals. Add that to a pretty well made and written story and I think you’ve got yourself a hit! Katanagatari runs for 12 episodes and is labelled as an ActionAdventureHistoricalMartial Arts, and Romance.


Number Two: Durarara!!

Coming in at number two on today’s list is Durarararararara – an Anime highly regarded by a lot of people as one of the highlights to 2010. I love Durararara for its fight scenes I thought they were pretty cool, I also loved this Anime for its openings, I do believe that Durararara in its entirety plays the best songs for its openings. Durararara aired for a total of 24 episodes and is labelled as an ActionMystery, and Supernatural.


Number Three: Nodame Cantabile Finale

The end to a beautiful series, Nodame Cantabile. If you haven’t seen this Anime before then I highly recommend that you watch all the seasons to it. I definitely would consider it an Anime that you should at least watch once. Nodame Cantabile, runs for a total of 11 episodes and is labelled as a ComedyJoseiMusic, and Romance.


Number Four: Hanamaru Youchien

To top my list off today, I shall introduce to you a slice of life! Hanamaru Youchien is an Anime I have already done a blog for way back when. So I personally really like it, but I also recognize that it may not be for everyone. It’s about kindergarteners exploring their school and going on adventures, something a slice of life does. Hanamaru Youchien runs for a total of 12 episodes and his labelled as a Slice of LifeComedy, and Seinen.


These were my picks, what are yours?

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  1. Katanagatari is awesome and I absolutely love it. I didn’t know when it originally aired so I was pleasantly surprised to see it on the list.

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