Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead | Jumping back into the Harem

If you have been noticing from my past couple of blogs, I haven’t been touching Anime labelled as “Harem”, well, I’ve tried not doing so. I thought it would be great to stray away from the Anime of “today” where you see tons of fanservice and focus on other Anime I thought would be worth talking about.

But all good things must come to an end slightly. Today we’re going to be talking about Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? of the Dead – which if you didn’t know is the second season to the series. How did it get a second season you might ask? I personally am not too sure, it may have been because of the entertainment factor.

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead also known as “Is This a Zombie? Of the Dead” is the sequel of the original series adapted from the manga. For those who have watched season 1, there was an actual storyline involving zombies, vampire ninjas, and necromancer. But in this sequel, where’s the story? Of course, that’s a problem especially in comedies like this these days. Whether you’re an avid anime elitist or a casual fan, the storyline is usually imperative to craft a series we can enjoy. If you’re looking for a powerful storyline, then you’re in the wrong place because, in this sequel, the storyline is dead as a zombie.

Having that being said, there is quite a lot of humour in every episode. Some of the common clichés are also present in the typical ecchi and harem themes ranges from the all cute adorable delusions that Ayumu have towards Eu to the brutal tsundere known as Seraphim. It’s not surprising either considering there’s no storyline and this is almost like a parody. It tries to make us laugh but thankfully, it succeeded somewhat; at least in most cases. Well, I wouldn’t call it hilarious to the point of being labelled as a blockbuster but it definitely has guts, the guts to pull off some stunts with Ayumu’s “harem”. Between some scenes though, there are some surprisingly heartwarming moments but most of these times, it’s twisted into a more brutal way with bloody gags.


The plot for this sequel is technically nonexistent. Even if it had one, it would probably go straight to hell like our main character. Furthermore to Ayumu’s screwed up life is his ways of dealing with the situations in his undead life. It seems that however it goes, it always ends up being embarrassing him to the extreme. Despite introducing some new characters like the butt-loving Sarasvati, the return of Kyoko, and the loli nurse Chris, the series fails to execute their part in the storyline. Did we see a true character development? Did we see them actually getting into the story? By “into”, I mean storyline-wise where they play their parts besides the typical harem cliché and fan-service.

KoreZom of the Dead does attempt randomness in a way that brings out the laughter from our faces and I have to admit it again, it succeeded in some ways. Whether it’s the perverted actions of Ayumu during his harem scenes or the parody references, it does achieve the entertainment value. Those Eu delusions that our weak protagonist Ayumu plays and replays in his mind is entertaining and who doesn’t like our beloved vampire ninja Seraphim talk trash 24/7?

For the fans, the service is delivered more than just the maid cosplay episode. Even for some of the typical “fights”, there is fanservice. A clear example is the in the final episode of the typical “perverted slime”. For those who have tuned in High School DxD last season, you’d get a good idea. Is this really necessary? Well, for entertainment and eye candies, yes. For storyline, I’ll give you a hell no.

Now, the OP song for the series is surprisingly addictive and passionate. In fact, “Passionate” by Iori Nomizi is sung in a way that delivers dialogues that is different every episode at the end. It does keep the viewers watch those delicious girls all over the screen and as well as their cute/seductive poses. Or maybe, it might spawn some envy and jealousy toward our zombie. As for the background music, it’s all just so-so, not something too noteworthy.

As for art, is it artistic and valuable? Considering the fact that Studio Deen is involved in this might make some fans turn their heads away. But surprisingly, it doesn’t ruin the series at all. In fact, the art is artistic this time around and some of the intermissions are quite catchy.

KoreZom of the Dead, in the end, is for people who value more on entertainment than a real series. #SorryNotSorry

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  1. This review seems to echo a lot of what I heard about this when it came out and is mostly the reason I never watched the sequel. I enjoyed the first season enough, but I don’t like comedy enough to sit through it without a decent plot attached to it.

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