Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai. | Interesting Concept?

Well, the overall tone of the story is predictable and filled with common cliché, gags, and fan-service. The young boy Ryosuke Kaga plays the main role of the protagonist. He is a perverted at some degrees but at the same time surprisingly funny to watch for his charms and will to protect the girls, or in his words “girls are to be treasured”. He is sort of the middleman compared to other perverted protagonists of the common gag in today’s anime industries. 

One of the main focus of the series is the interactions, relationship, and a bond between main protagonists Ryosuke and Shinigami Lisara Restall. With her deep scarlet hair and eyes, she is seen as a beautiful goddess of death. It seems at first glance that she just wants to use Ryosuke for her own purposes. Later on, though, we see that she does, in fact, cares for her dear servant, showing tendencies of care and even jealousy.

Of course, there are other characters that drive the series. We have the childhood friend whose physical features evokes the jealousy of the other female cast. We have the Shinigami rival against Lisara who lately have developed a sense of lust and love towards Ryosuke. We have an idol who is seen as the mascot of the series.

Being an ecchi show, it is no surprise that the theme of tentacles comes into play. In fact, the first episode and nearly every one so far shows this theme. And of course, clothes being shredded in combat, Ryosuke supplying his powers towards his partner through eroticism.

The art and music of this anime series are just average although some of the character designs actually seem to be quite appealing, namely Lisara’s Shinigami outfit. If you don’t believe me, just look at that beauty. Some of the soundtracks also play its role to convey the battle moody actions in the other world against the tentacle-like beings while other times just seems to be there and not really noticeable.

Overall it sure is a very interesting concept.

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