The August Update!

Wow! The last time I did one of these was at the beginning of the year – 8 months later and here we are! I just thought I’d write one of these to say, hi what’s up? How’s life? Hope it’s treating you well.

In January, I set out a few goals that I wanted to achieve for this year and so far I think I’ve been doing pretty well; I believe that I have reached 2 of the 3 goals I have set for myself and I think that is good enough for me!

However, one goal that I may not be able to achieve this year is the “Add more variety”. If you are not already following my Twitter, which you really should since I do tweet ‘regularly’, then you wouldn’t have known that I got a part-time job – woo. Oh! My twitter handle, by the way, is @OOCentral.

My work schedule and my upload schedule don’t really work at all, so there has been a lot of conflicts thus far – but I am still managing to post on time, which is what matters. Luckily for me, this job is only a summer job so I will be having more time once school begins to really pick up and get ahead (hopefully).

I do, however, a few things planned, hopefully, if I have time, I will be posting some stuff about the non-Anime shows I’ve been watching, and the music I have been listening to. I think that’ll be cool. All the things you should look forward too!

Scheduling Update

So one thing I did take the opportunity to do was, create an Anime uploading schedule. What it has is the list of Anime I’ve watched, the Anime reviews that have to go up on what days, which reviews I am currently working on and what I still have to get done. So I’ve gotten myself pretty organized! I do plan on binge-watching a lot of Anime to hopefully get this month and part of September done – crosses fingers!

Website Update

Since the start of the January, I’ve kept the same theme, and until I code my own – which is something I do intend to do. What I have currently will stay the same. However, what will change will be the social media blurb I put at the end of every blog I make (Well, for the most part anyway). I spent the morning coding it and I am pretty satisfied with how it looks, here is what it’ll look like now!

**Quick disclaimer, it may look weird depending on the device you’re using and if it actually turns out the way I want it to turn out**

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So yeah. I just wanted to tell you what has been up with me, what I’ve been up to in real life apart from doing this blog, watching Anime and such. Thank you all for continuing to read my stuff, it really does mean a lot!

– OOCentral