Accel World | Was it overhyped?

Before we begin today’s blog, I’d like to mention that this is once again another “just talk” kind of gig. You’ve seen many of these over the past few months is in large part because I’ve been working loads. So I haven’t had time to organize my thoughts and plan out what I wanted to say per section. So yeah! Thanks so much for readin, hope you enjoy!

The story of the series takes place in 2046 where “Neuro-synchronization”, a powerful piece of advanced technology that allows manipulation of different senses. Now, imagine that. In about 34 years, God knows what will happen to our world or even the Accelerated World. Nonetheless, the series stars Haruyuki Arita who has a low social esteem of himself as result of his physical appearance and views of the world. The kid spends his time playing virtual games mindlessly to erase the reality. That of course, changes one day when he meets the popular girl of the series, Kuroyukihime. With the beauty style of a butterfly, she forms a bond with Haruyuki-kun and together, they become close friends, partners, and even a couple at times.

Although there are many characters involved in the series in several intertwined arcs, the series has four main characters who all become friends for the bonds they share whether be friendship, trust, or romance. As mentioned before, Haruyuki Arita begins the series as a kid with low esteem. He’s one of those guys that have little trust in others or even himself. Yet, as the series progresses, so does his character and development. This is especially shown in later episodes where everything he does seems to be for the sake of others. That, of course, is thanks to the school idol of the series, Kuroyukihime. She is what represents the series as the goddess of paradise, the supreme beauty, and at times, a jealous butterfly wanting more nectar.

However, what she most desires is the position of level 10 as the strongest king and finding out the truth of the Accelerated World. That and of course, she also becomes the voice of a naughty girl and reason for Haruyuki-kun at times when he needs it the most. Speaking of what Haruyuki-kun needs the most beyond his virtual games that he plays are his friends. Chiyuri (also known as Chiyu) in the series is the cheerful childhood friend of Haruyuki-kun. She represents the light that Haruyuki-kun often looks forward at school and at home when he feels lonely. She is dating Takumu/Taku and both of them shares a bond with Haruyuki that far outreaches the virtual deception.
The story itself, however, has a relative pace. It follows the light novels in the beginning but with some cutout parts as well as some intertwined pacing. In addition, each title represents a technical term with the letters “tion” added on that turns a verb into a noun. It can be served as a symbolism as the action (what might happen in the episode) into an execution (what actually happens). It is also interesting to see not only Haruyuki-kun’s development but some of the other characters as well such as Taku. At first, he holds some antagonism towards him but later on treasures him as a dear friend. To take things into different perspective, Kuroyukihime also becomes one of Haruyuki-kun’s most treasured friend, partner, mentor, and lover.

The overall coordination of the story seems to be alright but sometimes seems to be out of pace. For instance, in the latter half of the series, there are some episodes that seem to drag on and on focusing on a single antagonist. That and with an addition of a side story in between seems to throw the viewers off-balance a bit and shifting focus. Sunrise and the director of the series (Masakazu Obara) wants to present this series adapted from the LN but also wants to mix in some additional arcs to spice things up. Although it does work at times, some of the more episodes seem to decelerate with the pacing. In fact, the main story is never technically resolved. Kuroyukihime didn’t reach level 10 and her dream still remains in shadow for now.

The visual artwork of the series is decent, to say the least. The artwork of the avatars, as well as the different settings of the Accelerated World ranging from ocean, city, wasteland, to forest, are all presented well to portray the fantasy-like themes. On the outside world, the school’s background is those of a typical school with far superior technology than our own of course.

The soundtrack, on the other hand, is coordinated and delivered very well in my estimation. There is a variety of soundtracks whether it’s mysterious, comedic, action-packed, or eerie, are all incorporated within Accel World.  Accel World has an excellent soundtrack and is like eargasm pleasure to hear the style of its delivery.