Tasogare Otome x Amnesia | Worth Watching?

Have you ever wondered “Is this Anime worth watching? Is it really worth my time? Well here is my answer to your question, Up to you (lol). But really, I hope by me giving you my own opinion that you come up with a clear answer to that question – especially if you ask that question of Tasogare Otome x Amnesia.

it is your normal anime with a dark feel, and a lot of comedy and romance latched onto it. However, the anime mostly contains comedy and romance which I find it to be quite ironic. Usually, the summaries written about this anime give you the feel of horror and mystery, but when you watch the episodes you see too much romance. The only times you have a feeling of horror and mystery into it is when you see the Paranormal Investigation Club trying their very best to find clues about Yuuko’s death, or when

Yuuko is pretending to be a ghost just to scare the crap out of the main characters which are only a total of four. Lastly, the anime is way too fast paced, I kept on getting confused on like how much time has passed during the anime. To summarize it all up, I believe “Dusk Maiden of Amnesia” does a terrible job at showing any type of plot development because it gives me the feeling that it is mainly concentrating on showing the relationship between Yuuko and Teiichi.

Silver Link never fails to provide quirky yet majestically beautiful visuals. Every character is handled with care, the backgrounds are stunningly effective at setting the mood, and the directing is top-notch. The only thing bringing the art down from a ten is how static the characters’ movements are. Subtracting that from the equation Dusk Maiden provides the quintessence of horror visuals, with each scene perfectly encapsulating a different variety of fear; insanity, doubt, sacrifice, and above all, fear of the unknown. Of course, the directing and art aren’t limited to horror scenes. With Shaft-like directing we are treated to a kaleidoscope of different angles and settings that make the important scenes quite unique.
Seems okay, I have no problems with the voices used in this anime nor the opening and ending songs of the anime. Though I don’t know why, both opening and ending songs didn’t seem to attract much attention to me, I didn’t really like them that much, but I still thought it was good for the whole mood. The only thing that needs fixing is the better use of background music to better add the mood of the events occurring throughout the show.

The main characters in this anime either show an advanced character development or an extreme lack of character development. The characters Yuuko and Teiichi are seen throughout this anime 80% of the time. I believe these two show too much character development because in just a short amount of time they already act like lovers who’ve been together since childhood or something. The problem with this is that you see the same scene almost all the time. Yuuko seducing Teiichi, Yuuko making fun of Teiichi, and a bunch of other inappropriate things.

I love romance and all, but this is too much, I mean in just the first day they meet and you already see them on top of each other, it’s too much of a fast development for me. The other main characters Momoe and Kirie are pretty much shown 20% of the time throughout the whole entire series; they barely receive any amount of screen time which results in barely any character development. As a result, I believe the creators only made them act as ‘extra’ club members.

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