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How do we measure the worth of something? Do we measure based on opinion/review, by rating, or by overall quality? Well when it comes to Anime, all things are taken into account. What other people say, what it’s rated, the quality of the Anime and whether or not we really want to watch it – all come into play.

There are some who love Acchi Kocchi and there are some who dislike it. It’s kind of like that either or situation where you generally lean on one side or the other – or maybe you’re a rebel and sit dab smack in the middle. Today let’s explore and see where you are on the scale!

The plot is very simple, it is just about High-schoolers that are in love. If you are going into this anime expecting to find an amazing and deep plot, then you are going to be disappointed. The story is the weakest part of this anime, in fact, it does not have much of a story to speak of. This is not necessarily a deal breaker because what it lacks story-wise, it makes up for in other sections. Most of the “plot” consist of the main group of friends in different situations. If you just want an anime to watch that is not really demanding and is just fun, then it should not be that much of a problem. Cheers to the Slice of Life genre and their typical lack of storyline.

Acchi Kocchi’s art is very simple and colourful. It resembles the art of Lucky Star a lot and it at 1st, may turn you off of because it looks childish. Originally I didn’t watch this anime because of the art, I saw 1 picture and immediately tossed it aside. However, when I actually sat down and watched it I sort of became accustomed to it. The one thing about the art that must be said is that it really complements the anime. It fits the laid back themes of romance and comedy rather well. Also, Miniwa is adorable.
The soundtrack of the show, while not necessarily bad, didn’t stand out too much. Aside from the really addictive and upbeat opening theme, nothing stand out track. The music fits when it is played and does its job well.

This is where this anime (like many slices of life anime) shines. It really relies on the interactions between the characters to drive the show. The relationship between the main 2 characters is not really new, however, it is done really well. The main heroin Miniwa, is a well-done character, that is in love with the main lead, but is too afraid to tell him about her feelings. Unlike most tsunderes that are normally cold towards their lovers, Miniwa just gets really shy, this is the main reason she is adorable (that and the cat ears). The main protagonist of the show Io is extremely dense, and that cannot see that Miniwa has obvious feelings for him. In each episode, they get closer to each other and it was fun to see them gradually come together.

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  1. The support cast were also pretty great in this show. That and just the over the top scenarios. I’m not normally for slice of life, romance, or comedy, and this show is all three but managed to really keep me hooked right through.

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