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First of all, there seems to be a trend of strong and unusual female leads this season. Koko from Jormungand, Yuuko from Dusk Maiden of Amnesia, Rea from Sankarea, just to name a few. Then, we have Medaka Kurokami, the beautiful and well-endowed student council president who has in her mind, no problem showing of that voluptuous body of hers which is right now, one of the main reasons some of us may be watching the show. Beyond that, she is nearly perfect and achieves what we can see as inhuman feats. But most curiously, she wishes to help the helpless and does so by creating a suggestion box.

You can probably figure out where the title of the series comes by this point. Then, we have the other characters starting with her lucky or maybe not so lucky childhood friend Zenkichi Hitoyoshi. He reluctantly joins the council for the sake of his childhood friend despite the strange put-ups he has to endure daily. (such as Medaka stripping in front of him with little care) Then, we have the other characters.

The student secretary Kouki Akune who became an instant fanboy of Medaka and the blue loli Hansode Shiranui who seems to have an eating habit that surpasses the hunger levels of a Saiyan. Although these characters are all appealing and make us anime fans watch further and learn more about them, what are their backgrounds? From here and out, I definitely want to see more of that than what they do in the council every day. Lately, another character by the name of Mogana Kikaijima is introduced and so far, we know that she is obsessed with money. To her, it’s all about the money, money, and money.

Now, the art and music seem to be alright from what’s seen so far. However, I do realize that Gainax is NOT putting their effort into it as much as I originally hoped. The characters are a blend, not original and not cutting edge. The absurd amount of fan-service seems to also seems to be thrown into our faces every 5 minutes. To me, that shows a lack of effort on their behalf. I honestly expected more.

Some of the music does mix in during the scenes but let’s face it, it’s not worth a Grammy Award. The OP for this series is somewhat catchy especially those Medaka cameos in nearly every scene. It makes sense, after all, to have our starring president in it as she’s also the title character. However, “Happy Box”? The title of this seems a bit ambiguous. That suggestion box is filled with notes that express concerns that I highly doubt would be something “happy” for the council to read.

But beyond that, there are also those little stitches we pay attention in every episode such as the blue loli Hansode Shiranui eating 24/7, Medaka’s random symmetrical poses with the other characters, and Kouki Akune’s narcissism. Strangely enough, I found these little things to be quite amusing from time to time even though they are served as comic reliefs (or maybe not later?). I mean, after all, so far, this series is mostly amusing and entertaining and not one of these deep emotional series like Clannad: Afterstory where we cry tears that will fill the Grand Canyon.

However, in later episodes, Medaka Box lies the smackdown and delivers some unexpected action that some of us may have not expected. Yes, it still falls under the common cliches and fan-service but at this point, who really cares? This is one of those series where you expect the unexpected from our cast, ours truly the Student Council.

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