Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next | Season 2!

For some reason, whenever I mention this Anime to my friends. I always hear mixed opinions on the matter. Sometimes it hits really well with a few, while for other people, not so much. However, for me, as I am a person who generally loves all kinds of Anime. I enjoyed it. Now, whenever I say “enjoy” I mean it kept my interest enough to finish the Anime. But yeah! Today we’re going to be reviewing Season 2 – let’s get to it.

The story continues were the first season left. A new year at the Neighbor’s Club in which we see the 7 members of the club sharing and spending time together trying to make friends. The story in this season is very developed in the way that the characters seem to mature more. As we get going with the show we see that the characters are trying to fulfil the purpose of the club and trying to actually be friends and not just being a group of people in a school room.

The animation retains its original cutting edges and presentation. There’s not much change except for a few twists involving the physical appearances of the club members. In fact, one of the club members isn’t the gender who you may originally predict. AIC (Anime International Company) does their job at mediocre for this sequel, the same way they have done for some of its other works involving the school life theme.
As for the soundtrack, the series makes it balance with the lighthearted rhythms. Tom-H@ck who demonstrates some of its skills makes the series’ music in a way that is fun. Yet at times, the music is almost like a child’s play for viewers’ ears because of its repetition and stereotypes. The way the OP song plays the lyrics “Be my Friend” is a parody of the club as none of the members seems to be actual friends. Rather, it seems that they are just there to make their miserable lives a little better. However, I will say that it is quite catchy. BE MY FRIEND. Three words that can sum up the major theme of the series.

A HUGE charm factor of this anime has to be the female cast, especially in this 2nd season. Not only is there a new addition of a charming sister in Kate. The hairstyle changes to two characters, Yozora and Rika. As well as constant costume changes to Yozora, Rika and Yukimura, bring out so much appeal and “moe” to the screen that it is almost impossible not to get dumbstruck each time one of their new “looks” debuts on screen.

Part of the charm of the female cast this season also came from the deeper connections that the male lead (Kodaka) develops with the girls. Like in any harem anime, the girls start to discover that they love the main guy character. And since the guy is trying to be oblivious to their feelings, each of the girls tries to appeal to him with cuter outfits and more feminine gestures to get his attention. You get shy wayward glances, tsundere type embarrassed denials, extended eye contact with puppy eyes, everything that can make a guy gulp and hold his breath in his throat. So much romantic tension builds up throughout this anime that even his own younger sister gets swept up into the flow.

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