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Hi! Long time no see, how are you? I am good, thanks for asking! Welcome to October, are you all excited for Halloween? I am.

All rambling aside, welcome back to another Anime review, by yours truly, Otaku Central. This school year has been really hard on me for some reason. I’ve been overloaded with school work and it’s driving me mad. How will I find time to write blogs for you? Good question! I will be using the month of October to evaluate the said need and when I come to a conclusion I will be sure to tell you.

Today, we will be talkin’ about Season Two to the Anime Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, sit back and enjoy!

The narrative follows Misaka Mikoto, a middle school girl whose unique life instantly sparks your attention. Although she has a lightning quick temper, Misaka is so attractive that you could actually mistake it for magnetism! It doesn’t take long before the plot takes a shocking turn, throwing her life into a storm of drama. The Sisters arc covers the events that happen in Index, but from Misaka’s perspective. She takes charge of her pain, anger, and burdens, displaying a strength that could inspire any person. Yet even though the first arc is electrifying, the plot becomes a bit static later on.

All in all, I think that the main reason the second half of the show strayed from the path of excellence is that of filler content. An author’s world is intricate and purposeful only because it’s the author’s world. For some authors, this is not the case, and that’s because their quality of writing isn’t the best; however, a good writer will know the purpose of what they write. If unnecessary ingredients are thrown into the mix, an unsavoury cake is going to pop out. Regardless, I believe that, for filler, it was well done. Props to the conductor.
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S
If you thought the TouMAN was awesome before, you’ll be halfway into his zipper after starting Railgun S and laying in bed with a cigarette by the end. Touma is the paragon of heroism, and you can whine about how perfect he is, but don’t you lie to me and say you didn’t sport a spiffy during the climax. Go on. Watch it now. And then tell me it didn’t moisten you up. I DARE YOU. *Cough* W-well then… In addition to Touma, we have Misaka. She’s spicy, she’s sweet, she’s quite the treat. These two protagonists are joined by their plethora of friends causing all sorts of adventures. The characters are all great except Febri; she seems too much of a one-dimensional blob of cute, I just can’t see her relevancy except as walking plot device.

All sequels to popular shows are animated well. This is a sequel to a popular show. THEREFORE! This show is animated well. That was technically a logical fallacy because not all sequels to popular shows are animated well, but this show was animated well so fuck you. There was definitely a sizable budget attached to this show, and it shows through the fluid animation and cinematography. The vibrancy of academy city is distinct as it has always been; a colourful feast for the eyes. However, I have one bone to pick with the animators. I’m not going to spoil anything, but Touma somehow defied the laws of physics during one fight.

If anything helped to build tension and paint emotions passionately it was the OST. Those dramatic pieces got my heart racing so fast I thought I was having a panic attack. Maybe it was the cheeseburgers. Who knows? Anyways, we’re thrown into the show quick-paced as ever with Fripside performing the opening. The electronic music fits Railgun like a glove, as it always has. I’d comment deeply and thoroughly on the voice actors, but I only know enough Japanese to give them a slap on the back and a “sayonara” of congratulations. Seriously though, the voice acting is pretty good.

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