Some Korean shows I’m into!

I haven’t done one of these in a long time! Man, with the stresses of life whilst trying to make sure you stay on schedule with things is actually very hectic.

HOWEVER! Despite a busy life, I do find time to watch some shows. If you’ve been following me for a long time, then you know, like a lot of people recently, I’ve been really into the Korean culture. In particular their entertainment industry. As you probably guessed it, I will be talking about some of the Korean variety shows I watch on a weekly basis.

The BIG 3, as I’d like to call them are: Knowing Brothers, Mother’s Diary, and Running Man. (Linked are their wiki pages). All three are unique in how they go about entertaining people. However, the one thing they do have in common is that on all three shows they invite celebrities to their shows.

On the show, Knowing Brothers, in my opinion, they focus more on the guest interaction aspect. Every week they invite a new guest or ‘transfer student’ and they do trivia based on that transfer student. Similar to the concept of a school and getting to know your new classmate, which is their concept or theme of the show. They also do a lot of other things too, like skits and games.

Secondly, we got my other favourite, Mother’s Diary. It’s also known as My Little Ugly Boy, My Ugly duckling, and of course, by its Korean title. It’s a show where 5 mothers have their mid-aged sons (ranging from ages 40 – 50) who are single. The show every week follows a different son, while the 5 mothers react to that son’s day-to-day activities.

Now you may be asking why I bolded the word single. It’s because the mother’s who are on the panel, hope that through the show that their sons find themselves a girlfriend! Yup.

Finally, we have the show Running Man! This show has been going on for a long time, I am pretty sure, almost 10 years now. This show focuses most of games and challenges, which is what I really like about the show. Each game and/or challenge they do is very entertaining because all members are all just funny. I recently just caught onto the show, however, I do not watch it too much, I only watch it here and there. But the episodes that I do see, I really like it a lot!

If you do think about watching Korean shows one day, or you’re already doing that, then I highly suggest you check out these three I talked about today. I do think they’re worth watching :3