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Suisei no Gargantia is not your usual mecha anime, if you’re looking for epicness mecha like Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann then Suisei no Gargantia is not what you’re looking for. SnG (Suisei no Gargantia) takes a set in the post-apocalypse earth when humanity can no longer live in Island because of some circumstances. Humanity now is living on the ships. The story focussing on Ledo which is a soldier from another planet that being stranded in Gargantia (is the name of the ships). He is trying to lives in this ship and of course, the lives where he was lived before and in this ship are so different and in this anime, we will see how Ledo adapting in this new environment when the technology is more primitive than he comes from.

SnG is more into the slice of life aspects. They bring you a heartwarming feeling and more the pacing that they had been rather slow. It was admirable because this anime is focussing on the details, like how Ledo (the main character) must learn the language in Gargantia (the place he had stranded) or on how people do their life in a big ship called Gargantia. So, prepare to hear so many dialogues. Although it was slow and many dialogues, I bet you will enjoy it every minutes or even seconds. Even the premise of the story sounds simplistic but later in the story, the story will develop into something that will blow off your mind!

I really enjoyed this anime, the story was quite enjoyable and moreover, there some exciting twists that make you feel “Aaaarghhh!” and at the other time there was some heartwarming scene that makes you said “Ooohh….”. Mixing feelings between heartwarming and some epic moments in this anime mix well and that’s what makes Suisei no Gargantia is so appealing.

If I could said, the art in this anime was the best among the other anime that same airing in Spring 2013. In this anime, They use colorful color and make it so artistic. The background was heavenly beautiful. Maybe some of you thought, with ship as the background, does it will make the atmosphere dull and plain? You’re wrong. That’s what I thought at the first time but when I watching this anime, the art makes the ship (Gargantia) looks so beautiful, rich colour and brings out the cheerful atmospheres. From the art and the background itself, I can tell that the atmosphere that the creator wants to make is cheerful one and that mixes well with the story and what i could said is the background is the greatest parts on this anime. It’s so memorable and beautiful! Eyegasm!
Suisei no Gargantia
Not just with the background , the character design is the best too. There was a steampunk and sci-fi feels and more it was realistic. Like many of the girl characters is in brown skin, Well, they live in ship and received sunlight every day, that’s quite logic. And what makes me more excited was the most character is unique, I usually side character have similar design for each characters but it’s not in Suisei no Gargantia. Every character have their own uniqueness in terms of design like in the clothes or anything like that and not just the human character that was appealing, the mecha design is quite great too. For mecha like Chamber (a mecha that Ledo used), they use 3-D graphic. It makes the mecha looks so cool and moreover, its blended well with the rest of animation. A perfect art if i could said.

For the songs, I found the opening song and the ending was quite catchy. I love the opening song “Kono Sekai “ by Minor Chihara , I never skip the OP parts, the song is so easy listening and quite catchy tunes. It’s maybe my favorite OP for spring anime beside Shingeki no Kyojin OP. For the ending song, I don’t really remember it. It doesn’t have anything special.
For the seiyuu, we have Hisaka Kanemoto for Amy, Kaito Ishikawa as Ledo, Ai Kayano as Saya. Maybe the one that you haven’t never heard before was Kaito Ishikawa. Well, I am actually surprised that he is a newcomer but the quality of his sound doesn’t represent him as ‘newcomer’, it sounds like he is a pro seiyuu. He really fits as Ledo, like when Ledo stutter after learning earth language, that’s totally remarkable! I think he is doing his job very well. For other seiyuu, I don’t have to mention all of them since we know their quality.

The main character of this anime, Ledo is quite cool and attractive guy. He really fits as the main character of this anime, not just because of his looks but also the personality that he has. Gen Urobuchi seems to make the character react for every event in the most realistic way like when Ledo stranded in Gargantia, He doesn’t feel too comfortable with his new environment because it doesn’t match with his stance. I love the way how the character reacts to events in logic and realistic way, we can say, there isn’t any action that bases from unrealistic thinking but its more about realistic and moreover the development in Ledo is quite remarkable, it was quite logic considering the environment that he lives now, supporting him. Quite logic, huh?

The other main character that we should mention is, Amy. Amy is the first person that interacts with Ledo, she is quite cheerful and cute person. I think she is my favourite character in this spring anime, I love the pairing within a cool and quiet guy with cheerful girls.

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  1. This one was quite a fun anime and I really enjoyed the overall story and watching Ledo learn how to live on the ships. While there are some parts where I felt it kind of stalled for too long, this was still a really fun experience and I love how it ended. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

  2. I remember really enjoying this anime when I watched it. I definitely wanted more from world-building and history. I think there’s enough there to make an excellent second season. Your review was superb. Thanks!

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