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There are not many Anime adaptations that crossover well from their source. In this case, Danganronpa, I think anyway, did pretty well due to it being based on the game. I also think it’s safe to say that the Anime even does better than what’s currently out there in regards to that type of adaptation.

For the most part, the series is pretty straightforward. The main premise of the series is to survive and escape the school. In order to do that, they have to commit the perfect murder. They must kill one of their classmates and get away it but that’s a lot easier said than done. Of course, this spurs up a lot of tension and distrust among the students themselves as to who can be trusted. It’s obvious though to suspect everyone and play safe but trusting no one. If you think the premise is twisted though, wait and till you meant the headmaster of the series.

Its name is Monokuma and boy, he is someone that is shrouded in mystery. For starters, he has a very sarcastic personality. No one really knows what he says is true or not. However, the students of the academy quickly learn the hard way that his words are serious. In fact, this is proven by his dangerous powers to kill anyone on the spot. As a character full of mysteries, Monokuma plays the role of the primary antagonist as he enjoys the situations the students are in. His face also depicts a twisted like personality with one side being cute while the other side being disfigured. Furthermore, he has a tendency to uphold the laws of his game with absolute power as he is willing to kill others that break the rules or threatens his very existence.
Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei The Animation
Due to there are 15 characters in this series, expect all of them to make their own spotlights. However, expect that number to go do down with each progressing character because of the premise. As fate knows it, there will be murders committed. Among its cast though, Naegi is the most average of them but also has the most guts and determination. Judging by his character, he is willing to help others and tries by any means to end this twisted game.

As the rules of the games go, you must commit a perfect murder to graduate. However, there is also a catch involving the classroom trials that proceeds each time a murder is committed. This is done in order for the characters to determine the culprit. If you guess right, the killer will be killed on the spot in a gruesome fashion. But hey, what if you guess wrong? Remember what I mentioned before about second chances? Well, that can go to hell because if you guess wrong, everyone else but the killer dies. It’s a game that only our Monobear can think of to be this twisted.

Among the character casts, there are several students that make their presence known more than others. Besides Naegi, there is the mysterious Kyouko Kirigiri. She comes off with a mysterious girl but a very intellectual mind combined with coolness and reasoning skills, she is one of the prominent members of the series. More importantly, though, we can see that she also seems to form a close bond with Naegi even from the beginning. Other important characters include Byakuya Togami, an arrogant rich boy. Despite his attitude, he also possesses keen intellectual skills in problem-solving. However, every character is part of the problem because every time someone is killed, there’s someone to blame.

There are many questions that I’m sure viewers will come up with their heads as the episodes progress. The fun aspect of Dangan Ronpa is making theories based on hints. Then when the class trial comes, viewers will be able to figure out if they are either right or wrong. The experience here is thrilling because regardless of the result, you’ll feel like being in the classroom itself.

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