Madhouse | The studio that makes me cry.

Madhouse. A powerhouse in the Anime Industry – creating multiple Anime everyone loves, like One Punch Man, Hajime No Ippo, Death Note, Hunter x Hunter, Black Lagoon, No Game No Life and the list goes on!

These guys know what they’re doing when it comes to storytelling, animations, character development and all the other things that make the Anime produced by them standout. However, why do they make me cry? It is because while the majority of their extremely popular Anime like Overlord, Chihayafuru, One Punch have gotten continuations; there are a few extremely popular Anime, who I’d say is on par with the other Anime mentioned, that haven’t gotten a continuation and end on a cliffhanger.

Now I can go on and list a couple of Anime that I think should receive and are worthy of continuing but I won’t be doing that today. Instead, I will be talking about the one Anime that is extremely popular but is also my favourite Anime of all time, No Game No Life. Obviously, this is a personal preference kind of thing, if you love an Anime so much and think it’s deserving of a second season or a continuation, then you’ll obviously want that for the Anime because it brings enjoyment to you, the viewer.

The likelihood of No Game No Life getting a second season is mostly likely sim-to-none – which is really unfortunate. I do wish that maybe there is still a chance. I also do not see why you wouldn’t make license the second season too. I believe there is enough there to make a second season. As many of you already know, No Game No Life is about Sora and Shiro who get teleported to a ‘gaming’ world, where everything is decided through games. They later discover that the ultimate game to be decided is to challenge “God”, and the only way to do that is to conquer the other 14 races.

Spoilers, Sora and Shiro currently have 2 of the 16 chess pieces needed to challenge “God”. Which means there is a hot 14 more races to conquer and many more mind challenges and games to be played. I had so much fun watching Sora and Shiro play the various games in the Anime, I thought they were amazing and mind-boggling, like, whoever came up with these games and the strategy used in each game, 100% deserves a raise.

Most importantly, they decided to end the Anime of a cliffhanger. How do dare they decide to make such a good Anime, end it on a cliffhanger and NOT make a second season – that part just blows my mind. It is also why I cri every time I think about.



  1. Madhouse’s stuff makes me sob like a kid more often than not haha. I would love a second season of NGNL, but I agree. I don’t see it happening, at least not anytime soonish. 🙁 Great post!

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