Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen | The Finale

Yes. I have finally gotten around to doing a review on the final season to the Anime, Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai. Arguably, the last season to this Anime series is also the best season to the Anime. Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen is the embodiment of all the seasons and progression displayed throughout the entirety of the series – that’s for sure.

Definitely an Anime series, everyone should give a try eventually.

The story continues after the OVAs of Tenri were finished. At first, it was believed that the story will continue with the conquest of the other girls but that is not the case. The story at the beginning it shows us a time skip. A time skip of the other girls Keima captured after Tenri and even before Tenri. Girls like an astronomer, a rich girl, a ramen server, a big sister and many other girls that he gave the best to release them from their pain. But in this season all that changes. Now Keima has to reconquer girls that contains a great power, a goddess in them so they can stop this group call Vintage from making a new Hell in the Earth.

The change of the plot in this season is great because it makes us look back at Keima’s past conquest and not just forget about them. Now they add a little more importance to the story. Because if you see the last 2 seasons it was only about Keima and Elsie’s adventures and capturing the spirits. But in this season we get more action, more drama, more confessions and seriousness that not many ”harem” type shows can offer. Making this season one that stands out the most.

The conquest of the girls is funny, dramatic and so sincere giving you the feeling that they really know how the love feels like Also I like to add the fact that this season did not have any filler episodes during its execution like in the last 2 seasons. But I got say that this season gave many viewers the nostalgic touch of knowing how the heroines we loved and suffered were back in action.
Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen

For the characters, most of the characters remain the same, but unlike the other two seasons, we definitely see character development, however, it is mainly just Keima. Unfortunately Elsie is not the main character in this season, which was a little upsetting for me since I liked her as a character and her bubbly personality, but for the focus of this season, I think it was natural that she was not put in as the main character just because this season sets a different aura than the other two. In terms of Keima’s development, as I said before we get small hints here and there near the end of the anime that he’s going to mature, and potentially give up his love of gaming?

It is very beautiful. The characters are well designed. They don’t look neither too cute nor too bad. It has a standard point that they look very delightful to the eye with the impressive use of bright colours and detail textures in their body. Mainly in the trace of their faces, eyes and hair colour. They just look awesome and very well drawn.

The voice actors execute very well their job. They all sound very natural. They don’t use any kind of pitch to make their characters sound more adorable. The opening is one of the best. I love how the opening for the series has this mix of the electronic vibe, oratorio and English lyrics. They combine perfectly the context of the plot and it represents very well Keima’s character. Also, the ending is one of my favourites and that is a big shock. Mainly because I dislike songs with the main characters sing but it is amazing how this one did it. Mainly Shiori’s version which represents very well her character and not forgetting the last song used during the Mai Festival arc. All of them were great compositions.

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