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Hi and welcome to the last blog post of NOVEMBER. WOW. Time has flown by so fast, I cannot believe we’re in the last week of November. Next month is the examination period for me! With the thought of exams soon to take over my mind, there will be another alteration to my upload schedule for that month – more on that as December approaches.

Today, we’re going to be talking about Blood Lad, which I feel is an Anime I’ve already talked about before, however, I see no trace of it in my files so I must be daydreaming. As already mentioned in the title, this will be a little quicky post, as I need to focus on in real life things. Hope you enjoy today’s blog!

The story of Blood Lad is pretty unoriginal. Vampire meets a human girl, the human girl gets into trouble, and the vampire becomes the hero to save her. Pretty cliché. The plot of Blood Lad, however, is pretty good. The demon world is interesting in itself based on the premise of the ‘bosses’ that control territories, the hierarchy of demons, and the Demon Acropolis (where top-tier demons reside). The material is presented at a good pace that keeps the audience interested rather than confused; at a ten-episode run, that’s quite a feat. One last thing that I want to mention is that Blood Lad is lined with constant references to other anime and anime characters. If you’re like me and enjoy knowing what is being referenced, you’ll think or say something to the equivalent of, “Fuck yeah! I got that reference. Sweet!” as you give yourself a high five.

Blood Lad

The art/animation of Blood Lad is good. It’s an anime of 2013 and thus there it’s essentially a basic standard to have good animation and art. The action scenes look nice, the characters look good, and everything flows well overall. Nothing to complain about here, but also nothing to brag about. The sound portion is decent enough. The OP and ED are both pretty good; I enjoyed them both, but they aren’t something that warrants watching and listening to every episode. There are a wide array of voices for the characters and I liked how fitting they were for their respective characters.

I enjoyed watching the characters of Blood Lad interact. Each of them is interesting in their own sense of the word. Staz, the main protagonist, is a vampire of a prestigious class/breed and ‘boss’ of a territory in the demon world. He’s also and an otaku that aims to quench his thirst for something that isn’t blood; he’s infatuated with all things from the human world, but mainly things from Japan. He collects anime, manga, video games, Japanese attire, and becomes entranced by anything new from the human world. This is also part of the reason he is attracted to Fuyumi, the female lead.

Fuyumi is a human girl from Japan who ends up wandering into the demon world accidentally and subsequently turned into a ghost after dying. She entrusts her future to Staz in hopes that he can return her back to being human. She’s really shy, quiet, and humble for the most part. Bell, a spatial magic sorceress, acts as a second female lead. She provides quite a few comedic moments and often teases Staz. She’s clever and deceptive, but also is also quite the softie. While those three are the really prevalent characters, many other characters take up their fair share of screen time such as Wolf, Braz, and Liz. I don’t think there was a character I legitimately didn’t like in the whole series, however, there also wasn’t much meaningful development for the series’ characters either.

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  1. The biggest issue Blood Lad faces is it is fairly much unfinished. It just kind of stops and leaves the audience wondering where it was going. I really enjoy what there is of this and the characters, but that lack of ending makes it hard to recommend.

  2. Needed another season. Definitely. I feel as though another arc is just beginning and then they cut me off. Otherwise I liked it a lot.

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