Senyuu. 2 | Worth Watching? *Today’s quicky*

It still follows the hero Alba in his epic *question mark* journey for peace, but this time he is estranged from the Royal soldier Ross as the initial group gets separated. And the eventually has to face many new obstacles and villains to finally be reunited. What this season does is focus on the story a bit more occasionally sacrificing the gag anime like humour, especially the stuff like mocking other animes bit was almost absent from this season. And at times I had to ask the same question as the narrator does, “Where are all the jokes?” In the end, it still had its funny and really enjoyable moments and turns out quite fun for its short duration, but it does lack in this regard compared to the last season.
Senyuu. 2
While Alba, Ruki, Rudolf, Hime and the masochistic cat are really as fun as ever, some other old characters like Ross really went in a sad direction as they almost lost their defining characteristics due to the plot line. Among the new characters Samejima was really awesome with his manly man attitude, but the rest of the new ones really lack the flavour or uniqueness of the old ones, so this was also a step back. 

The change in the art to convey the humour was almost like the first season, although it really was noticeable less this season due to the focus shifting from the wacky humour a bit. Sadly the varying opening sequences which I liked quite a lot from the last season is missing and that fact was quite sad.

The show received the most improvement in this regard which was quite odd actually. While the in-show was not anything special, the opening “Canary” by Granrodeo was very good and the ending punky and wacky “QUESTERS!” by Hiro Shimono was really something that the show really too.

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