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If you don’t like the soundtrack, I’m afraid you may have lost your way. The soundtrack of the show is incredible, the song choices are impeccable, and the music always adds to the crazy levels of hype and excitement that each episode brings. The soundtrack is truly one of the crowning features of the show, with plenty of songs that are amazing outside of the show.

The art is one of the best parts. The backgrounds are beautiful, the characters have nice designs, and the whole show is basically about clothes, and the designs of the outfits were also well done. The art is a little risqué at times, but in terms of pure quality, the animation varies from humorously bad to scary good. The fight scenes are outstanding and deserve all the praise they get.

Kill la Kill

They’re all fairly good with a decent amount of backstory. The characters that stand out are definitely Ryuko, Satsuki and Mako – they’re always at each other’s throats. Ryuko, the main protagonist, faces problems like identity crisis as well as a variety of other dilemmas she has to overcome.

Mako, on the other hand, is more of a comedic sidekick than the main character. She is eccentric and hyperactive. Her gags can be a hit or miss though, depending on the type of comedy you like. As far as character development is concerned, it is present, yes; but it doesn’t really stand out. The only character in the series that gets proper development in this series is Ryuko’s rival, Kiryuin Satsuki. Ryuko, on the other hand, pales in comparison.

The story of Kill la Kill grows as with its progression, ultimately turning into something very entertaining, that’s for sure. The other thing that comes with this type of plot is the magnitude of unrealistic situations. No matter the event, Kill la Kill ultimately can’t escape some of the shounen clichés that it means to spoof, leaving them in a state of laughing at their own misery. However, what the series does so well to hold its ground; no matter what happens, the characters, the plot, the animation, all will make it through to the end, by any means possible. What Kill la Kill accomplishes with this is what was meant to be accomplished in Imaishi’s other series: entertaining the viewer through sheer spectacle. Despite the plot’s flaws and unrealistic qualms, the story is entertaining to view from every standpoint, even from the stingiest of mindsets.

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