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I’ve been meaning to share my thoughts on the second season of New Game! for a while, but I haven’t found the time to do so — but today I did. So hopefully, you have a great read! What makes this Anime different when compared to its first season? Well, to sum everything in one word, I guess I’d say, “improvement”; and today I’ll tell you why!

Quick disclaimer, I do think this Anime is worth watching if you have the time. It’s very entertaining and it’s a great slice of life.

This is all under the assumption that you have seen the first season of New Game! So if we’re going based on that assumption, then you can bet more or less the same in terms of story. It’s a continuation of the Aoba and friends as they work on games that their fans will like. Of course, if that was the only thing that made up the story I would be lying; there are many new things added to the story to make it more interesting and even more enjoyable to the watcher. This time, Aoba and the crew take on a new challenge — creating a new game called “Peco”.

New Game!!

What I really enjoy about the art style of New Game!! is that it’s very bright and uses a lot of warm colours. Each character is drawn differently giving them that little bit of uniqueness; something I really like too. One thing that really pulled me to this Anime was how the eyes were drawn — they’re very unique because how of they sparkle. It gives a sort of like a bubbly feeling and gives a lot of life to the characters themselves. A lot of their emotion is put on display through their facial expressions, in particular, their eyes.

The OP “STEP by STEP UP↑↑↑↑” which is sung by the main characters of the Anime, is reflective to how the Anime wants you to feel or what they want you to experience whenever you watch the Anime. It’s very upbeat and very cheerful. If I were to compare the second season opening to the first season’s, I would still prefer the first season’s opening; but regardless “STEP by STEP UP↑↑↑↑” is still pretty good.

As for the ED, which by the way, is sung by the main characters by the Anime once again. They too are very similar to one another and I think are able to achieve the same sort of feel the OP did. Through “JUMPin’ JUMP UP!!!!” and “Yumeiro Compass” the Anime is able to create a very cheerful, and joyful happiness that’ll bring a smile to your face. I personally prefer “JUMPin’ JUMP UP!!!!” over “Yumeiro Compass” because it’s more upbeat while “Yumeiro Compass”, I feel is a little slower; but nevertheless, they are both good songs to listen to.

Something you can expect from the second season of New Game! is that the characters do continue to develop and learn more about themselves. You can also expect Aoba and her friends to tackle problems as a collective as they all try to overcome the problems they’re faced with, in regards to making a game that everyone will like. That is for certain.

The second season introduces new characters who frequent as supporting members, these new faces are, Momiji Mochizuki and Tsubame Narumi. How are the additions of two new characters important to the Anime? Good question. They provide this competitive flare to the Anime. As both characters are hired into the company, naturally they want to prove themselves and show that they have what it takes. How do they do that? By competing with others; nothing like some healthy competition.

Momiji, she wants to be the lead designer for the company, something Aoba wants to do as well. Throughout the Anime you see Momiji trying to compete with Aoba but since Aoba is oblivious to her surrounds she doesn’t pick it up — which makes for some funny moments.

Tsubame, who join the company as one of its game coding guru’s sees competition with Aoba’s longtime friend in Nene. This dynamic is the most entertaining because they both use that competitive nature within each other to better themselves as game coders. The two end up becoming really good friends in the process and for me, that’s a +1.

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