D-Frag! | Worth Watching?

Comedic Anime, in my opinion, if executed properly is something I definitely think is worth watching — especially if you want something that’ll make you laugh. This is something I think D-Frag! does well at, which is entertain the viewer. Then again, I laugh at almost everything that I think is funny – so you may not like this Anime but I loved it because it made me laugh.

D-Frag focuses on the delinquent Kazama Kenji, who with the help of his gang, the “Kazama” gang, intends to take over his school. This doesn’t go as intended and in the process, he is forced to join the game creator club. This club is consists of the strangest people (All I think you’d enjoy). This is essentially the starting point of the Anime, as we watch Kazama deal with the bizarre club members, leading to absurd and hilarious situations. As you’ve guessed it, D-Frag is a comedy, so in regards to a real tangible storyline, there isn’t really one. Which is as expected because comedy doesn’t need one!

As already stated, this Anime is solely comedy (in my opinion) and generally speaking, whenever an Anime is a comedy you get a cluster of different characters with a bunch of different personalities. It is because of that, in most cases, it’s hard just to pick one favourite character from the bunch. Even the supporting characters play a significant role for the Anime as they provide even more funny interactions with the main cast and they too present their own little quirks that make the Anime that much more entertaining. There are also different factions present, each with their own unique characteristic and attribute. Although it may feel a bit overwhelming when someone is presented with a ton of characters, I don’t think it made the Anime worse off, I thought the usage of them really made the Anime that little bit more funny and entertaining.

The animation quality of D-Frag is nothing outstanding, though well executed. It’s the kind of quality you expect from Anime nowadays. Like all things, if you want to stand out the art needs to be “better” than others, something D-Frag isn’t about. But that is okay — especially in cases of comedic Anime. Character designs are varied, yet is nothing remarkable. The facial expressions were well done, which is important for the comedy gags, as without them it would have been worse.

The soundtrack used in D-Frag was nothing outstanding and it could get repetitive at times, yet there were some compositions that fared well with the different sketches and situations it was trying to portray to the viewer. The voice actors performed their roles well, fitting with their character’s personalities, as in addition enhancing the comedic element of the anime.

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