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If you’re coming into this series with expectations, fan service will be one of those. This is thanks to Fino and her clueless mind. Her lack of common sense not only gets herself into trouble but others as well on many various occasions. It doesn’t help by the fact that she is unconscious of situations, like for example, there is an instance where she wakes up nude next to Raul. However, unlike most female protagonists in the typical harem series genre, Fino does not panic but instead question why Raul reacts in such an astonishing way. The lack of chemistry from the beginning makes this show really annoying at times because you’re left with this feeling of “It doesn’t work”. Luckily over time, there is some development. Which I guess is a plus?

The series does have a few serious moments during the Anime. Most of this comes with Fino’s road of helping out at the store. Her intentions are genuine and she really wants to learn more about her job. The series captures her moments of discovery as she learns more about ideas in the human world. These include tasks such as simple greetings while working at the front counter. Not to mention the fact that Fino has the mind of a child, she often makes mistakes but strives to learn from them. In one particular episode, she puts all her effort in order to impress Raul and everyone. This, of course, is what the story revolves around. It’s about Fino and Raul as they learn more about each other and most importantly experience the growing pains of co-existence.

The animation and overall art style of this Anime as normal as it gets (in my opinion). As this Anime leans heavily on its harem classification, you can expect suggestive outfits and overexaggerated features, something I myself am not too fond of. I guess, if I were to look for positives, you can say Fino’s character is designed to look like an innocent girl because of her childish behaviour. There’s nothing extraordinary about the place our main characters work. There isn’t anything really eye-catching, which could turn people away since I think Art helps make an Anime.

Soundtrack wise, the series mostly retains a lighthearted nature because of Fino’s innocence. Some of the more intense action scenes does give off the feeling of how battles should feel like. During some of the more emotional scenes, the soundtrack is off-balance. The OP “Extra Revolution” isn’t the greatest opening song I’ve heard in fact, I thought the ED “Sticking Places” was a better song to listen to it. I just liked the beat a lot better than what’s presented in the OP. So in that respect, the Anime didn’t really pull me in since the OP wasn’t something I enjoyed.

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