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The Anime whose OP turned into a meme. Wowie! That is the reason why I started watching the Anime, it was because all I saw was its opening being used and replayed everywhere. It was during this moment that I said to myself “I have to watch it” and so I did!

We’re going to keep this short and sweet today. If you don’t already know of this Anime, its genres are Slice of Life and Comedy. As it’s classed in only two genres you can expect the Anime to lean on them both equally and if you know genres, then you also know that anything that is classed as a “Comedy” has little to no storyline. This is true for the Anime of choice today. This Anime is about 7 characters, (supporting and the main cast) and their day-to-day shenanigans at work. Each character, of course, has its own personality which overall benefits the Anime because the premise is that the restaurant where they all work is “themed”. What do I mean by “themed”, I mean each waiter and waitress has a personality type they have to portray to their customer and that presents some really funny encounters and moments.

Blend S

If the Anime is lacking a story, where do we look to next? I personally look to the characters. There is Maika Sakuranomiya, because of her scary smile, she’s often misunderstood and so people think she’s sadistic. If you haven’t already guessed, that is the personality she has to show off the customers she serves. Other favourites of mine are; Miu Amano, who plays the “big sister” personality, when in reality she draws adult yaoi and straight dōjinshi, and Kaho Hinata who plays the “Tsundere” personality when in reality she’s a gamer girl. Kaho is my favourite, because I mean, who doesn’t like a tsundere?

The Art style is very generic. It’s not something that flat-out amazes me, but it’s also not something where I think “Ohmydays, I don’t like it”; its on par with all the other Anime you see nowadays. The one thing you will notice right off the bat is that each character (as expected) is drawn differently and I think that adds a lot. Whenever you have a generic art style it can sometimes make the Anime feel bland, well I think it does anyway. Having those characters, all of which are drawn differently, and have different colour schemes associated with them, really make them stand out.

Last a but not least, we have the soundtrack. As I’ve mentioned previously in other blog posts, I am a fan of having the characters sing the OP and ED to the Anime. If done well, so long that the OP and ED songs fit the general feel of the Anime can add a nice touch to the show. Not to mention, everyone loves the OP to the Anime, who doesn’t? It’s very catchy and it’s something you’d want to listen to and sing along to.

Blend S, was an Anime I really enjoyed. Especially since it’s in two of my favourite genres, Slice of Life and Comedy. I would totally recommend this to anyone if you want to kill some time — it’s definitely worth it.

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