New Look!

Wowie! Look what we have here, yes, a new website layout. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking about changing the theme of my blog. I’d spend countless hours scrolling through the various theme, experimenting with them, seeing which ones I liked the most and fit the layout I wanted to have.

Finally, I came across something that I liked. Which is the theme you now see right now. I picked it because it sort of mimicked the layout of Youtube channels, a style that I really liked because it was very clean and organized. Something I wanted my blog to be, from a visual standpoint.

You’re now able to scroll through and see the various categories I put my blogs in and search through them manually, something my old theme was not able to do effectively. I also thought it looked a lot more user-friendly, something I’ve been wanting to move more towards, and I think this new theme offers that kind of experience.

Obviously now, there will be an adjustment period for myself as I try to learn this theme and its CSS and what I can and cannot do with it. It shouldn’t take too long though! One thing I have to work out now is how to get my pictures to display on my posts as well as other things. Not to mention, I am now using the new WordPress block editor thing. So I am also learning that as well.

Also, a quick update on my blog. As you all know, I haven’t been posting at my usual time of 12:00pm EST. To which I apologize, College life has been consuming a lot more as of late. So I think moving forward I will not be setting that 12:00pm EST upload time anymore. I will continue to post Sundays and Saturdays, as per usual, but they will be posted whenever I have time during the day. Whether that be in the morning, late afternoons or evenings. Depending on when I have time.

So yeah! Thanks for reading not only this update, but all of the stuff I’ve made thus far. See you tomorrow!

– Otaku Central