Senryuu Shoujo | First Impressions

Hi there! Happy Saturday or Sunday, or whatever day you’re reading this one. Today I’ll be giving my “First Impressions” on the Anime Senryuu Shoujo; a Slice of LifeComedySchool, and Shounen. Brought to you by the Anime studio that made Strike of Blood.

What do we have in terms of characters? Good question, so far, we’re presented with two, a girl named, Nanako Yukishiro, and Eiji Busujima. We don’t know too much about them, or how they met. I do not think we will ever find out because episode length is 12 minutes. However, from what you could tell from the lack of information given to you, they’ve known each other since middle school.

Nanako Yukishiro, is your typical happy person, very pretty, but does have her own fair share of ‘awes’ from the boys in her high school. Do not let that mislead you though, she also an airhead too. One thing that I thought was interesting, was that she doesn’t actually speak, she speaks through Senryuu. We’re not presented with the full story as to why she talks through that means, but what we do know is that Nanako does it because she’s not able to properly able to gather her thoughts

Then we have Eiji Busujima. He’s the character that is often mistaken for a ‘bad’ guy because of how he interacts with people around him and because of how he looks. During the first episode, he is called the “Beast of West Middle School” and it flashes back to him fighting someone underneath a bridge. So I guess, in that respect, it isn’t doing himself any favours. Only Nanako and his club President, Amane Katagiri, know him to be sort of like a soft person.

Nanako and Eiji’s relationship, feels like a brother and sister kind of relationship (so I felt anyway). Or that of a childhood friend, which they kind of are. Towards the end of the episode they share an ‘intimate’ moment, where it shows off their sense of understanding for each other. That, “I have your back no matter what” and it was pretty neat.

Rollin’ onto sound. I really enjoyed the OP, “Kotonoha no Omoi (コトノハノオモイ)” by Sonoko Inoue and the ED, “ORDINARY LOVE” by Rikako Aida. Both songs I thought really fit the pace of the first episode to the Anime. They are both very happy sounds, but are not paced too fast, nor passed too slow. I thought they were almost like in a sweet spot. One thing that I also liked about the Anime was its use of it’s soundtrack played throughout the first episode. It provided a very playful and uplifting kind of feel to an Anime. Which is without a doubt needed whenever you’re dealing with a slice of Life Anime.

The Art style is not something new, or breathtaking. It’s actually very similar all the other Anime studios. As this Anime takes place in a school setting, the uniforms are consistent with the characters, whether that be main, or supporting, or ‘passer-byes’ as I’d like to call them. Along with that uniformity, each character apart from Eiji all have the same eye structure. Extremely large and takes up a large portion of the face.