Seitokai Yakuindomo* | #Anime Review

Seitokai Yakuindomo is an amalgamation of what every young healthy male will dream of if they decide to attend school. After all, it’s where Takatoshi Tsuda goes after eating breakfast every weekday. At school, there’s the student council composed of three female students. Their presence is a like a tranquility to the busy and stressful life of any student seemingly on the outside. Yet behind those doors of the student council room lies a world of diligence, a world of anomaly, a world in which is nothing like you’ll turn back again. It’s where Tsuda makes his memories and a place where unforgettable sins are committed by the Powers-To-Be.

The story of the show is explicit but not in the over sexualized way fans will think. The innuendos are there along with the gags we should already be familiarized with. As human life itself is reproduced sexually, there should be no argument relating to some of its humor in the show. The series likes to explore concepts relating to school, beyond its norms, and expands more than just academics. Who can focus on books when you have three captivating ladies near you 24/7 anyways. To support this even more so, they are interested in the opposite sex in ways Tsuda can’t even begin to imagine. It’s a dream come true for him although the circumstances itself isn’t one might think.

At some stages, fans might point out that the show is over-sensationalized with its themes. And this isn’t wrong either. Almost every line in the show deconstructs the normal conversations that you may have with your family or friends. Think of it this way: do you often talk to you friends about how the penis works? Do you often talk to your little brother or sister about reproduction? It’s a point taken granted that the show does over-analyze itself on this subtext. However, it should be important to note that all these are set up as causal jests. None of these should be taken seriously in any way whatsoever. The show itself is labeled as comedy with its humorous and die-hard spoofs. It doesn’t advertise its jokes like on TV but rather as a casual way, as it should be at school. 

To fully appreciate the show doesn’t just take guts. It takes interest and that comes from its characters. The female characters are the dominant factor that stands out in particular Shino. Regardless of her perverted nature, she is famous at school and there’s no doubt about it. We can’t also omit the other two members for their performance. It makes this show’s comedy seem like a paradise because of their presence and lines spoken in each episode. Even supporting characters make their points such as Ranko with her obsessive task of capturing memorable photographs, Mitsuba’s tomboy nature, or even Tsuda’s little sister.

Every character is like a puzzle to this product for fans to appreciate. It also occasionally focus’ on a slightly more serious romance nature between characters Tsuda and Shino. Their short yet memorable moments captures the innocence within the Anime clouded by sexual innuendos.

As daring as this series tends to get, the artwork is more than tolerable for a variety of reasons. Camera angles focuses more on the characters rather than their body part. From the first episode, you can see an improvement if you were to compare it to the first season. GoHands, a studio known for its variety of works, is the brainchild of these new animation values and presents them in success. Backgrounds are lavishly out there along with the characters. Surprisingly, fan service isn’t also a central way to advertise this season. One might think the girls will be half naked almost every episode but will be pleasantly surprised to realize the opposite. The girls are clothed and shines will brilliance thanks to their characteristics rather than like some barbie doll.

The soundtrack is consistent on most parts as there is a diversity of ways to coordinate itself. Most of it matches its catchy dialogues. Given the nature of the show, there will be moments when fans will wonder themselves “WHAT?” Thanks to its soundtrack, the show will capture this essence of responding. This is accompanied by its dialogues that are all over the place. Some of it will never make sense but that’s what makes this show work like a miracle.