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Witch Craft Works | Worth Watching?

Is it worth? Who knows! I’ll let you decide, but first, you’ll need to give it a watch 🙂

In a world with two warring witch guilds, the Workshop Witches and the more evil Tower Witches, our main hero is to be protected by a very strong Workshop Witch. The typical story of a powerless protagonist becoming a strong hero is overdone and things that happen throughout this story is synonymous with the plot of a rising hero.

Although, the plot it something we’ve all seen before, the one good thing that this kind of story allowed for was to help set a pacing of the anime. The rising hero story line follows a rollercoaster of pacing, where it starts off slow and precedes to pick up as the main character learns new skills and eventually takes on the main antagonist. And like all things slowly starts to fade out towards the end, or maintain some type of momentum in to leave room for *IF* there were to be a second season.

The art in this anime was either super amazing or just super choppy. Amazing parts include the animations, how the characters looked in flight and of course, character design. Some choppy parts included a choppy 3D animation at the end, some fighting scenes, especially between minions, looked awkward as well as some explosions appeared to have missing frames. The best thing about the art was the use of color. Monochrome art is something that isn’t seen too often but Witch Craft Works uses it exceedingly well. Certain scenes just blew me away with all the hues and shades used of a color. 

The OP, “divine intervention” was a decent OP that reflected the fantasy aspect of a mages world. The ED is by far my favorite thing of this anime. Witch Activity is super catchy, fast-paced song that sums up everything that the these villains are, evil, but not truly evil. It’s just something about the song that makes me play it on replay. However, a downside to this Anime was the in regards to the ambient sound throughout the Anime. It felt a little weak, lackluster, it felt lacking. It did not have enough impact for it to be memorable and never really helped carry a mood.

The characters that I thought made this Anime entertaining were the 5 Tower Witches you get introduced to in the first and second episode. They are very similar to the Team Rocket trio in where they appear villainous only to become comedic jokes throughout the series. The only difference is that these Tower Witches are more entertaining to watch than team rocket. Throughout the Anime, there are some parts where you have to take the Witches seriously, then there are other parts where not so much. Character development, on the other hand was also lacking. Which is shocking considering the storyline for this Anime is about a nobody becoming a somebody.

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