Kaguya-sama: Love is War | First Impressions

As Love is War, is at its core, a Comedic Anime there is no story, as per usual with any Anime labelled as a comedy. Obviously there are exceptions to that, but generally speaking that is the case with most Anime which is tied to the genre of comedy.

However, as I’ve only seen three episodes thus far, I can tell you that each episode features different periods of time within the Anime. Each episode is episodic. So like for example, episode 3, had three different arcs if you will, in that episode. All of them not relating to one another.

One thing I will say, is that despite this seeming to be the case for the Anime. There is a faint underlying message found in the Anime. As the setting takes place in high school, a lot of the arcs within the episode spoke to High School stereotypes, insecurities, and high schooler’s life. All these things being exaggerated for comedic use of course, but I thought it was really cool. It really made it easy for me to relate and enjoy the Anime that much more.

Right off the bat, you’re presented with three main characters, two of which the Anime revolves around. These people are; Miyuki Shirogane, Kaguya Shinomiya, and Chika Fujiwara. All of which are members of the student council at their school. Miyuki and Kaguya serving as President and Vice President. We do not know much of these characters, which is obvious to me because I’ve only seen three episodes so far.

Each character has their own strength, and personality which they bring to the table. They’re all polar opposites of one another, which means there is bound to be conflicts between the characters. Chika is often seen on the sidelines watching everything unfold. While Miyuki and Kaguya spend their time arguing, and trying to ‘one-up’ each other.

You find out later in the third episode, that both the President and Vice President like each other, and I’m sure they know they like one another. But since both characters have very strong and competitive personalities neither person wants to bow down to one another. In fact, they both believe that if they’re the first one to confess their feelings to the other person that they have official ‘lost’ or is considered ‘weak’ in their eyes.

This is very prominent in the first three episodes as they do whatever it takes to make the other person confess their feelings, while they try not to be that person. It makes for some really interesting and funny moments, for sure. After all, love is war!

If I were to describe the artwork used in Love is War in only one word, I would describe it as, fantastic. I really loved the use of thick black lines in cases of ‘intense’ moments. That is the one thing that stuck out at me. The artwork is similar to that of Gintama, Nichijou in regards to how the artwork is used to advance and complement the comedy and gags that is found throughout the Anime. I personally really liked that a lot, it made the Anime that bit better. I also really enjoy the character design, in particular, I really like how Kaguya Shinomiya is drawn.

The Anime’s use of sound effects to make their ‘funny intense’ moments that little bit better. There is always something to be heard in the Anime. Whether that be the ambient noise, the voices of the characters, or the narrator that comes in every so often whenever it’s an ‘funny intense’ moment. There is never any quiet times, and I personally really like that.

The OP, Love Dramatic feat. Rikka Ihara by Masayuki Suzuki is rather slow, if I am being honest with you. I am not too sure how I feel about it yet. It is a good song however, despite it being a little slow for my liking. The ED Sentimental Crisis by halca, is more my style of music. Fast paced, upbeat and very light.